Kenneth Wollenberg

Associate Professor

JWU Faculty Since 1992

Kenneth Wollenberg, M.A.T.

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Food service and hospitality has always offered me the opportunity to experience food in every sense. Whether it was necessity or a great meal, global career positioning or travel, a cultural experience or a simple gathering with friends and family, food always seemed to be the common ground.
Now looking back, I see the growth and experience that I gained and I couldn't imagine any other career.
When guests enjoy the party, that is what hospitality is all about!


  • M.A, Culinary Education, JWU
  • B.S. Foodservice Management, JWU

Get every bit of JWU that you can. Give up the play time and immerse in all that applies to your goals. Don't let a single day slip by with out taking advantage of at least one new lesson that can build your experience. Be passionate don't worry about salary and strive for the best opportunities that will propel you into a higher level of learning. The results will be long term and the salary will be there!

Every time I experience the connection with my students and see that they "get it", I feel I am successful as an educator!


  • BPA1720 Platted Desserts

Extra Curricular Roles

Nine years on the University Faculty Council


Professional Affiliations

American Culinary Federation
World Association of Cooks Society
Escoffier Society