Internship Spotlight: Karen Gudmundsdottir

Hotel & Lodging Management student (now alum) Karen Gudmunsdottir on campus

Karen Gudmundsdottir | Hotel & Lodging Management

Finding Success at JWU

“At JWU there’s a lot of group work in classes. I like that — because in the hotel industry itself, it’s basically all about teamwork.”

Falling for JWU

“I was working at a hotel back home in Ireland. The front managers went to the states for college, and two of her friends transferred to JWU! I just loved JWU’s program when I read about it online. It was everything that I wanted: I wanted to learn management and leadership skills.”

In-Depth Hotel Experience

“I had to spend some time working in each department. Then I could choose what I wanted to focus on. I chose housekeeping, as well as sales and marketing.”

Getting Hired

“I got a job in Boston in the one-year manager-in-training program at The Colonnade Hotel. After that I’ll be placed in a management position at the hotel.”