JWU Ad Club Hosts Future of Advertising Forum

Banner for Future of advertising panel

“What will advertising look like in 2020?” JWU Providence’s Ad Club recently hosted a distinguished panel of industry experts to discuss the future of advertising.

They asked — and answered — provocative questions about the ways social media, platform delivery and shorter attention spans might change advertising as we know it over the next 5 years.

“More relevant — it won’t feel like advertising," noted Nail Communications social media strategist Greg Shum.

“One thing that will never change is GREAT ideas," said Mike Silvia, Duffy & Shanley creative director.

“Best way to get a job in advertising? Soak up everything, have passions and thick skin," said Silvia.

The panelists:

  • Noah King, vice president of digital strategy from Hill Holiday
  • Mike Silvia, creative director from Duffy & Shanley
  • Greg Shumchenia, social media strategist from Nail Communications
  • Tom Monahan, moderator

“Their incredible insights and experiences [offered] an engaging perspective on the future of advertising and how to prepare for it as innovation and technology evolves,” said Shana Pina ’17, an advertising major. “They explained how advertising is about adapting to consumer demands and will always surround us in different ways and platforms.”

Panel member speaking at Future of Advertising Panel