President's Desk

President's Desk

Dear Friends:

We are approaching the mid-point of our strategic plan, FOCUS 2011, and with every step, we are strengthening our role as a national leader in career education. Since 1914, JWU has been a pioneer in higher education. The common thread in our 94-year history is that we prepare our graduates to advance in their chosen careers while providing a full university experience.

While educating for the sake of pure knowledge has been the traditional approach in higher education, we have always recognized the importance of melding academics, hands-on training, relevant work experiences, leadership training and career development. Since its inception, JWU has been outcomes oriented. More than 76,000 of our alumni have entered their professions equipped for successful career progression.

No matter where you are in the world, knowledge is the dominant currency and education is continuous. We are living in dynamic times. According to the United States Department of Labor today’s graduates will have 10 to 14 jobs before their 38th birthday. In fact, many of today’s college majors didn’t exist 10 years ago. We are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist, to solve problems we have yet to encounter. What should they study 10 years from now? These are the questions we must be able to answer as we continue to move forward as the destination of choice for career-focused students.

In this interconnected world, it is essential we prepare students to excel in a global marketplace. JWU enjoys a diverse student body of more than 16,000 representing all 50 states and 89 countries. I ask all of you — alumni, employers, faculty, staff and university friends — to work with us to prepare the next generation of professionals who will become the innovators and leaders of the future.

FOCUS 2011 will reposition JWU to rise to this challenge as we create new and distinctive offerings. We need a broad vision and a bold agenda. Achieving this won’t always be easy. It won’t happen quickly or without hard work and our shared commitment. But I am committed to it because I believe nothing less befits an institution such as ours.

University President John J. Bowen ’77