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Green Cuisine
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In keeping with an ongoing campus campaign to be environmentally conscientious, this year’s Commencement President’s Dinner was themed green. Produce for the meal was locally grown. Organic ingredients went into menu selections and wines. Invitations and programs were printed on paper containing 30 percent post-consumer waste using soy-based inks on a water-efficient press. Flowers decorating tables were later planted to enhance campus greens.

Annually, the President’s Dinner recognizes Johnson & Wales University’s Honorary Degree Recipients (Hon.) and their personal and professional achievements. This year’s dinner honored Steven Jilleba ’09 Hon., CMC, CCE, AAC, corporate executive chef of Unilever Foodsolutions North America and Richard Scharf Jr. ’09 Hon., president and chief executive officer of VISIT Denver

Party favors for the event included gourmet Philippine salt, an all-natural and eco-friendly product. In addition to its ecological benefit, the product aids local Filipino economies. The gift’s packaging was woven from nipa palm and abaca twine native to the islands. Cards, handmade from cogon grass, abaca and salago fibers, were attached to each box and marked with JWU’s new eco-friendly logo. Its arching leaf was a visual reminder that event plans considered the environment in both mission and development.

“Producing this event was no more costly than any other — it just took extra creativity, research, time and effort,” said Joshua Casto ’06, advancement marketing coordinator. Throughout the university, projects are moving forward with a focus on sustainability, including construction and operational efforts, JWU Magazine and recycling and composting programs to reduce the campus carbon footprint.

Den M Bennet 170x150Campus Hosts State’s Leaders for Focus on Service
A half-day Summit on Service brought state leaders to campus in August and underscored the university’s commitment to giving back to the community.

JWU was honored to host Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Gov. Bill Ritter Jr. and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, who spoke on the important role nonprofits play in trying economic times. When government budgets are being slashed and businesses are going under, nonprofits need to serve in greater capacities, the three stressed. The trio also addressed ways organizations can work collectively and collaboratively to meet the needs of the community.

President Bette Matkowski welcomed the more than 300 attending, and spoke about the importance of giving back. JWU, she said, is creating the next generation of leaders thanks to singularly focused aspects of Denver’s leadership curriculum integrated in classrooms and activities throughout a student’s time on campus. “As the university continues to evolve and assess our leadership curriculum, our students, faculty and staff will continue to shape the world in which we live and do business,” she promised.

President Bette Matkowski

“Our programs in business, hospitality and culinary arts prepare graduates for meaningful and life-sustaining careers. It’s not just the classroom that matters; it’s not just grades; it’s preparing students for what comes after graduation that drives our work.”