MSCND Supervised Experiential Learning

JWU Providence’s M.S. in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics (MSCND) incorporates more than 1,000 hours of supervised experiential learning (SEL).

What Is Supervised Experiential Learning (SEL)?

Supervised experiential learning (SEL) is the process of engaging students in hands-on experiences. Gain confidence on- and off-campus in the greater Providence area, connecting with JWU alums working in the field. Exposure to various community, healthcare, and food service organizations helps round out your background and expand your expertise.

How Does SEL Work?

Participate in at least 1,000 hours of Supervised Experiential Learning, where you will:

  • Apply health and wellness principles, counseling and education theory, and interviewing techniques in real-world environments with professional preceptors, many of whom are successful JWU alums.
  • Practice the craft of culinary skills in state-of-the-art kitchen laboratories in food service operations and school nutrition experiences.
  • Apply advanced clinical nutrition concepts in various healthcare areas such as ambulatory and outpatient care, community outreach and education, private practice, senior living, and longterm care facilities.

The SEL experience culminates in a three-week rotation where students practice and refine their professional responsibilities under the supervision of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) but with greater independence. This specialized rotation experience concludes with the completion of a capstone project.