Grad-Level Coursework as an Undergrad

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If you’re matriculating in undergraduate programs at JWU, you can also take up to four graduate courses (maximum 12 credits, limited to 6 credits a semester or 3 credits per session).

These courses carry graduate credit and can replace undergraduate degree requirements when applicable. Courses will be applied to your undergraduate degree in the order in which they are taken (if required) and will also be applied toward both your undergraduate and graduate GPA.

To explore this option, meet with your faculty mentor/advisor to discuss your interests, qualifications and plans. Certain JWU graduate courses are exclusive to program majors and are not available for registration to non-majors.

Undergraduate students wishing to take graduate-level (excludes PA, Ed.D., DBA and M.Ed.) courses must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Eligibility Requirements for Graduate-Level Coursework for Undergraduates
Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher
Completed & registered at least 90 undergraduate credits
Meet the individual course prerequisites

Note: Completion of graduate-level courses does not guarantee acceptance into graduate programing. Matriculating undergraduate student applicants must fulfill all requirements for entrance into the intended graduate program.

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JWU’s signature accelerated master’s program lets you get a head start on your advanced studies.

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Combined Undergrad/Grad Programs

If you’re sure of your career path and ready to start graduate courses as an undergraduate, JWU’s Combined Degrees programs could save you up to one full year of study and tuition!

Explore JWU’s Combined Undergrad/Grad Programs

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Combined Degrees via Articulation Agreements

If you’re a JWU student who qualifies to attend another institution for a specific graduate program, JWU’s partnership with external institutions can help facilitate your next step!

Learn more about combined degrees via articulation agreements