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You’ve come to JWU. Now continue to J2.

As a full-time JWU undergraduate, you can apply to J2 in your junior year and, if accepted, begin to pursue one of our many distinct graduate programs in your senior year — getting a head start on your advanced studies.

By beginning graduate-level coursework in your senior year, you’ll reduce the time and cost for your graduate degree!

Additionally, as a JWU alum you can also take advantage of our Wildcat Alumni Scholarship — a 25% discount on your graduate tuition if you qualify.

J2 Degree Programs Campus Offered
MBA Providence, Online
MBA – Accounting Providence
MBA – Data Analytics Providence
MBA – Event Leadership Providence, Online
MBA – Finance Providence, Online
MBA – Hospitality Providence, Online
MBA – Human Resource Management Providence, Online
MBA – Marketing Providence, Online
MBA – Operations and Supply Chain Management Providence, Online
MBA – Organizational Leadership Providence, Online
MBA – Organizational Psychology Providence, Online
MBA – Sport Leadership Providence, Online
M.S. Addiction Counseling Providence
M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling Providence
M.S. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (beginning Fall 2025) Providence
M.S. Cybersecurity Providence
M.S. Data Analytics Providence, Online
M.S. Food Innovation and Technology Providence
M.S. Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development Providence

Note: Graduate-level courses are not offered in person on the Charlotte Campus. Charlotte students may enroll in online graduate-level courses and for some programs will need to relocate to the Providence Campus to complete degree requirements. Providence students may enroll in online or on-campus graduate-level classes.

This was a great opportunity that allowed me to achieve my education goals faster and save money by shortening my time in school. I’m excited to start my career a year earlier! Hailey Erickson ’23, ’24 MBA – Accounting candidate
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Combined Undergrad/Grad Programs

If you’re sure of your career path and ready to start graduate courses as an undergraduate, JWU’s Combined Degrees programs could save you up to one full year of study and tuition!

Explore JWU’s Combined Undergrad/Grad Programs

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Combined Degrees via Articulation Agreements

If you’re a JWU student who qualifies to attend another institution for a specific graduate program, JWU’s partnership with external institutions can help facilitate your next step!

Learn more about combined degrees via articulation agreements

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Explore Graduate-Level Coursework as an Undergrad

Are you looking to complete graduate-level credits while still an undergrad, but aren’t sure of your career path? This option is a great way to explore taking graduate-level courses for credit.

Discover more about graduate-level coursework for undergrads