JWU Providence vs. JWU Charlotte

Which campus is right for you?

You can choose from two amazing locations at Johnson & Wales, so how do you pick?! Here’s a quick chart to help you compare.

State Outline Providence

Student Body: Providence

JWU’s flagship campus is the university’s largest: Founded in 1914, it’s home to 5,000+ undergraduate and graduate students from 48 countries and 56 states and territories.

Charlotte State Outline

Student Body: Charlotte

You’ll find a diverse community of students in the Queen City, where 1,200+ Wildcats from 12 countries and 47 states and territories learn, live, and experience all the great things JWU has to offer.

State Outline Providence

Academics: Providence

You’ll have your choice of dozens of majors in Providence, and you can even Design Your Own Major if you can’t decide! Plus, U.S. News & World Report ranked JWU in the Regional North’s Best Colleges Overall and Top Performers on Social Mobility.

Charlotte State Outline

Academics: Charlotte

There are 20+ degrees for you to pursue in Charlotte, so whether you’re interested in food, hospitality, business, arts & sciences, or health & wellness, you’ll find what you’re looking for at JWU!

State Outline Providence

Experiential Education: Providence

In 2018-19, 1,634 Providence Campus students gained industry experience related to their major; 726 employers visited campus, allowing students to connect with leading companies in their field, and 1,337 on-campus interviews were conducted.

Charlotte State Outline

Experiential Education: Charlotte

Here, the focus on real-world experience is just as strong. In 2018-19, 441 Charlotte Campus students interned; 469 employers came to campus and completed 1,165 on-campus interviews.

State Outline Providence

Athletics: Providence

Cheer on 16 varsity athletic teams who play with the NCAA and Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC)

Charlotte State Outline

Athletics: Charlotte

The Charlotte Campus features 11 varsity athletic teams and is a member of the USCAA.

All statistics are the most current as of December 2021 and may incorporate data from the Denver and North Miami campuses, which closed in the summer of 2021. In addition, to most accurately reflect the Experiential Education experience at JWU, data from 2018-2019 were used.

JWU Providence

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JWU Charlotte

The Charlotte experience at JWU is unlike any other. Discover what it could be like for you!

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