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The JWU Difference

JWU offers credit for life experiences and competitive financial assistance for transfer students.

What is Guaranteed Admission?

The Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) creates a seamless admission process for transfer students intending to complete a bachelor’s degree at Johnson & Wales University at one of our campuses during the day or online.

JWU advisors will help with the transfer process and will track a student’s degree progress by working with the transfer advisors at the community college.

As part of the Guaranteed Admission Program, students are eligible to transfer into multiple undergraduate degree programs at Johnson & Wales University.

Do we have options for you!

If the student has already completed an associate of science* degree from a regionally accredited institution, students may be able to transfer directly into the following two programs with junior status:

  • Business Studies (PVD/CLT/CPS)
  • Liberal Studies (PVD/CLT/CPS)

Additionally, if the student’s completed associate of science degree is in Culinary Arts or Baking & Pastry Arts, they may be able to transfer directly into the following programs with junior status:

  • Food & Beverage Industry Management 2+2 (PVD/CLT)
  • Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship (PVD/CLT/CPS)
  • Applied Food Science (CLT)
  • Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management (CPS)
  • Culinary Arts and Food Service Management (CPS)

If students do not obtain an associate of science degree, they may still be eligible to be admitted through GAP into other degree programs, if they have successfully completed more than 24 college credits at a participating institution.

*All other associate of science degrees will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis according to JWU’s transfer policy. Explore the complete list of programs.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must have completed an associate degree from an accredited institution OR have completed a minimum of twenty-four (24) transferable semester credit hours (submit official college transcripts). Students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale on all transferable coursework taken at your partnering community college and all colleges/universities attended prior to admission to the program. International students must also provide evidence of English language proficiency.

Admissions and Application Process

Submit GAP Form

Complete the Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) Participation Form in the accordion below. This form will allow JWU and the partner community college to share information and will allow the student to take advantage of the Guaranteed Admission Program.

What scholarship opportunities are available?

All transfer students may qualify for transfer Academic Scholarships up to $20,000 and are renewable for up to four years as long as you are continuously enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student. 

Program availability varies by campus. Refer to each individual campus catalog for a list of available programs.

Admission to Johnson & Wales University does not guarantee admission into “specialized” programs. These specialized degree programs may have a higher GPA and/or other admission requirements in order to be considered. View the full list of our degree programs at

By participating in the Guaranteed Admission Program, students are subject to the same admission requirements, degree requirements and academic policies governing all other Johnson & Wales University students as well as the policies of your community college.

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