Christoph Bruehwiler


JWU Faculty Since 2009

Christoph Bruehwiler, CEPC

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Chef was born and raised in Switzerland. His situation is very unique because both sides of his grandparents owned their own bakeries, he is a true third generation baker/pastry chef. You can say that he was born into the baking industry, which is why he is so passionate about it and wants to teach others.
Bruehwiler's apprenticeship was in baking and pastry. After serving in the military, he decided to leave his country to explore the world as an executive pastry chef and worked in numerous hotels in Bermuda, Houston, Chicago and Atlanta. Chef has owned two retail bakeries and has several years’ experience of consulting in the baking and pastry world. He brings his knowledge, passion, expertise, enthusiasm and real-life prior experiences to every class.


  • Culinary Educator Certificate- WACS

My 39 years of knowledge in the baking and pastry world enables me to share my wide range of experiences — whether internationally or locally earned — with students.”


  • BAPA 1730 Artisan Bread & Viennoiserie I
  • BAPA 1740 Artisan Bread & Viennoiserie II