What is the Future of Food?

Food is an integral part of our culture and every part of our daily existence. Food is increasingly seen as a central driver of the economy with agriculture, food and related industries responsible for about 11% of U.S. employment and over 5% of the country’s gross domestic product in 2019. Without question, COVID-19 has upended the country’s food and hospitality industries but also sparked innovation and new business models.

What will recovery look like for the hospitality sector? What's next for an industry on the rebound?

Emeril Lagasse, Aarón Sánchez and Culinary Innovators Weigh In

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On March 22, JWU will host a virtual symposium, free and open to the public — headlined by Chefs Emeril Lagasse '78 '90 Hon. and Aarón Sánchez and featuring JWU professors, alumni chefs and the food industry's top culinarians and thought leaders — that examines the challenging issues ahead and how the College of Food Innovation & Technology (CFIT) is preparing students to become a new generation of leaders in global food-related industry, study, and research.

During the forum, Lagasse and Sánchez will share their insight, and a panel discussion will follow with chefs from San Francisco to Chicago to Providence — Lindsay Tusk, Paul Kahan, and Champe Speidel '00, '16 Hon., — also taking stock in their passion for their industry and forecasting its future.

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Revolutionizing Culinary Education

JWU is well-positioned to lead this discussion. For 50 years, Johnson & Wales has been recognized as a food authority by continuously advancing its curriculum, technology, and resources to support a deeper exploration of food and its relevance to society and industry.

Now, through the new College of Food Innovation & Technology (CFIT), Johnson & Wales is preparing the next generation of problem solvers, innovators and entrepreneurs for the food and hospitality industries.  CFIT graduates will be positioned for jobs of the future, some of whose titles have yet to be established, while foundational careers in culinary arts, food retail and restaurant entrepreneurship will continue to thrive.

Get Involved

JWU also brings the world’s most renowned chefs to Providence for special Epicurean Society events, offering food connoisseurs a unique experience that also provides scholarships for JWU students. By becoming a member of JWU’s Epicurean Society, you can support the next generation of culinarians. 

Epicurean Society dinner 2018 guest chef Chris Cosentino '94 at The Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence (CCCE)