5 Ways Your Admissions Rep is Here for You

Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan Kenobi. Black Panther had Zuri. Why shouldn’t you have a mentor who guides you, especially as you wade through the confusing quagmire of college admissions? Wait, you do! They’re called admissions representatives. They’ll…

1. Give you the honest-to-goodness facts.

You might have heard things — hype, gossip, outdated tales — there’s a lot of misleading stuff about college admissions out there. But good decisions start with good information and this intel comes straight from the source. If you’re wondering if your GPA is good enough or if a school offers what you’re looking for, admissions reps have the answers. Sure, they want students to choose their university, but only if it’s the right fit. Trust them to level with you.

2. Keep you on track.

Once you fall in like (or even love) with a college, there’s a ton of “to dos.” It’s easy to get bogged down with how to apply, submitting transcripts, choosing the best major, as well as untangling terms like Early Action, Early Decision, Binding, Non-Binding and Test-Optional. Reps explain the process to you, walk you through your steps and remind you about deadlines. It’s kind of like nagging, but the good kind (so you don’t miss opportunities), not the hassle your folks might give you if you haven’t cleaned your room in forever. Speaking of which, they’ll answer your family’s questions, too.

Student with advisor

3. Lead you through the financial-aid maze.

Figuring out how to pay for college is probably the biggest stressor of all. The angst could turn a yogi into a quivering mass of Jell-O. Take a deep breath. It might not be easy, but it’s not impossible to finance your education. Admissions reps show you how to find money through the FAFSA, scholarships, grants and more to maximize your financial aid award.

4. Hook you up with campus resources.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Maybe you want to talk to a professor or a current student or you need to set up an appointment with your financial planner. Your admissions rep is your bridge to everyone on campus. Got a learning difference or a special need? They’ll connect you with their colleagues who can set you up for success. They’ll even arrange an online or in-person tour.

Admissions rep talks to students

5. Ensure you start college on the right foot.

Once you’re accepted, there’s a checklist to complete before enrolling full of things like submitting a reservation fee, completing the housing process, attending orientation, getting a physical and more. They’ll do a lot to help you tick off each item so you reach the starting line for college. Except pack your bag.