JWU Providence - Parking Garage FAQs

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Where is the parking garage entrance?

The JWU Parking Garage is located at the intersection of Pine and Richmond streets (Google Maps view). The entrance to the garage is located on Pine Street, before Wales Hall.

Who can park in the garage?

All JWU students are welcome to park in the garage. Students must have a valid JWU ID card to enter and either a regular JWU Student permit or a parking garage only permit (obtained FREE of charge at the garage office on the first floor).

Do I need my JWU ID card to park in the garage?

Yes, you will be instructed to swipe your JWU ID card for access. Once validated, take the ticket from the machine and proceed into the garage to park. You will need this ticket when paying and exiting the garage.

You will also need to use your JWU ID to access the entrance doors when entering the garage.

What are the parking garage rates?

They are:

First 30 Minutes Free
Next 1 hour $1
Next 2 hours $2
Next 3 hours $3
Next 4 hours $4
Next 5 hours $6
Next 6 hours $8
Next 7 hours $10
Next 8 hours (max rate) $11

Cars left in the garage after 11pm: Pay the daily max rate ($11) plus a $50 fee.

What are the hours?

The garage is open Monday - Friday. The garage opens at 6:30am. Cars can enter until 8pm and exit until 11pm. Any cars in the garage after 11pm will pay an additional fee.

How do I pay?

You must pay prior to exiting the garage. Payments can be made at one of the kiosks located throughout the garage. All kiosks accept credit cards and one kiosk also accepts cash. At the exit, you will insert your paid, validated ticket and the gate will open for you to exit.

Can I leave my car overnight in the garage?

The garage is intended for daily parking only. Cars left in the garage past 11pm will pay the daily parking rate plus an additional fee of $50.