Ed.D. Dissertation

As part of JWU’s Ed.D. program, you will be required to submit a dissertation that demonstrates you have acquired the technical and professional competencies associated with educational leadership and the ability to conduct research.

In keeping with the mission and conceptual framework of the Educational Leadership program, students are strongly encouraged to develop a dissertation on a significant topic or challenge in PK-12 and/or a lifelong learning setting that can be resolved effectively.

Doctoral Dissertation I and II

Upon completion of the coursework, students are required to register for Doctoral Dissertation I (EDUC9005) in the fall and Doctoral Dissertation II (EDUC9010) in the spring to support the dissertation development. With the guidance of faculty, students will submit a dissertation proposal.

Detailed procedures and expectations for the entire research/defense phase of the program appear in the Educational Leadership Program Guide (see Resources) and Dissertation Handbook. The proposal undergoes a rigorous review by the major advisor/committee, external reviewer, and, if needed, the Institutional Research Board (IRB) before moving into the data collection phase of the dissertation work.