Tuition & Fees

Basic Program Cost

Below, you will find basic per-credit and 6-credit costs for the Educational Leadership (Ed.D) program, as well as a year-by-year breakdown for a typical cohort and a Principal Residency Network (PRN) cohort. Learn more about PRN.

Per credit: $993
Per 6-credit course: $5,958
Dissertation Advisement Fee: $1,903 per semester

Total Costs for a Typical Cohort*

Year 1 (24 credits): $23,832
Year 2 (24 credits): $23,832
Year 3 (12 credits; includes dissertation seminars & advisement): $11,916
Total: $59,580**

Total Costs for a PRN Partnership Cohort*

Year 1 (24 credits; concurrent with PRN Year 1 residency): $23,832***
Year 2 (12 credits; one 6-credit course per semester): $11,916
Year 3 (12 credits; one 6 credit course per semester): $11,916
Year 4 (12 credits; includes dissertation seminars & advisement): $11,916
TOTAL: $59,580**

*On-time completion
**Note that the university may adjust tuition rates annually.
***Note that this first year cost includes the PRN and JWU tuition payments.