Senior Portfolio Review Showcases the Best of JWU Design

Design professor Karyn Jimenez (center) flanked by 12 seniors at the 2015 Portfolio Review.

Each year, Johnson & Wales University’s School of Engineering & Design hosts a Senior Portfolio Review that gives Graphic Design & Digital Media students the opportunity to show the range of their work to the JWU community and industry professionals.

In addition to showing the depth and breadth of projects from the academic year, each of the 12 seniors had a chance to talk about his or her creative process, from development right through to the finished product. They are:

  • Courtney Blair
  • Ryan Glantz
  • Ryann Hailstock
  • Grace Hodges
  • Jake Kottke
  • Kali Potito
  • Danikqwa Rambert
  • Sandra Ristau
  • Jeordia Smith
  • Kaurin Telfair
  • Travis Thurston
  • Caitlin Williams

The senior designers tackled a wide range of projects, from logos and signage to print collateral, websites, apps and even 3D printing systems.

Courtney Blair used playful illustrations and bright colors for her Southwick Zoo wayfinding system and app, while Grace Hodges’ paper sample book for Neenah made bold use of hyer-saturated, full-bleed photography. (Courtney also worked on the identity system and signage for the Culinary Arts Museum’s Empty Bowls exhibit.)

Product design also highlighted bright colors and wordplay, whether it was Ryan Glantz’ Amazeing Popcorn or Kaurin Telfair’s Chili Taco Popcorn. (Kaurin also designed the illo-heavy spread for “The Loneliest Elephant.”)

PHOTO GALLERY: Design professor Karyn Jimenez documented the day, from all the vibrant student work to the great interactions the group had with local designers.

Portfolio review invite.

Portfolio review.

Neehan paper sample book

Portfolio review.

Portfolio review.

Portfolio review.

Portfolio review.

Portfolio review.

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