JWU Study Abroad: A Weekend in Roma

JWU student Katelyn Colantonio in front of a fountain in Rome

It’s no wonder that Italy is a popular destination for JWU students who decide to study abroad. The country has it all: Food! Fashion! History! Iconic architecture! And did we mention food? (Yes, indeed.) Here, JWU Providence culinary arts major Katelyn Colantonio shares a recent weekend trip to Rome. Watch this space for more of her Study Abroad adventures in Florence!

My first week in Italy has been absolutely amazing. I am studying abroad in Florence for 7 weeks and during my time here I will be studying culinary nutrition and fashion. I will spending my weekdays exploring Florence and getting to know the unique culinary and fashion components that make Florence an amazing cultural destination. My classes allow me to experience the rhythm of an Italian kitchen and explore the unique art and fashion of the region.

"Everything in Rome looked like it was right off of a movie set."

On my days off, I have decided to utilize this time to explore the regions around Florence, as well as the many other amazing countries that surround Italy. For our first weekend off, my friends and I decided to travel to Roma. This city is an amazing blend of ancient and modern culture which made it so captivating, especially because it was Easter weekend.

Everything in Rome looked like it was right off of a movie set. The buildings were worn but detailed and charming. The food was comforting and classic. We constantly ate pizza, pasta and gelato over and over again with out getting the slightest bit tired of it. The people were warm and welcoming, and eager to share their world with us.

I hope my video below captures some of the beauty of the Eternal City!

Sculptures and a fountain in Rome, Italy

Katelyn Colantonio posing with other students on the trip

A photo of the Colosseum in Rome

A close up of spaghetti with shredded cheese on top