JWU Seniors Show Off Design Work at REVEAL 2019

Professors Deana Marzocchi and Karyn Jimenez-Elliott hand out awards during the exhibit.

Step inside the gallery space of JWU’s College of Engineering & Design from now until September for a unique look into the vibrant world of student designers as part of this year’s REVEAL Senior Showcase. Draped over the 10 standing walls, and all along the first-floor hallways, you’ll find carefully selected pieces showcasing designs representing anything from logo and package design work for apparel and shoes, to wayfinding signage and infographics, to personal branding and more.

“Every student that has presented today is a success, you’ve all worked so hard,” says Deana Marzocchi, department chair and associate professor. “You’re on these panels, in the hallway, everywhere you look in this building … this is all your hard work. You need to believe that the work you did is strong and take that with you everywhere you go, because when you do other people will see it too.”

"You need to believe that the work you did is strong."

Students during the REVEAL event.

The annual event offers seniors the perfect place to show off their work. Student presenters had the opportunity to set up a table to display their portfolios and personal websites. It allowed college faculty and staff to go around the room to speak to students and give them feedback on their work. Here’s what some students in the graphic design program had to say about the experience and their time at JWU:

“I'm definitely excited [to be here]. I'm grateful for what I've learned here, the people I've worked with and the connections I've made — I feel like I've made lifelong friends.”
–Emily Snow ’19

"I feel like I've made lifelong friends."

“It's been three years, and it was so much time for me to grow and experience everything that I could. Just being here is so exciting because I get to see, not only my, but everyone else's work, which is super humbling. And also, it's cool.”
–Matthew Guay ’19 (Matt is completing his degree in three years.)

“Getting to this point for me has been really hard, but also fun. A lot of people helped me along the way, [especially] my professors. I’m pretty happy with the journey that I’ve had.
–Matthew Thibeault ’19

“It’s a little surreal for me. It’s very different not having the same daily schedule of classes. But it's a lot of fun because I'm able to work with different people [outside JWU], and former classmates and friends.”
–Krystina Dimanche ’19

Professors Gail McCarthy, Deana Marzocchi and Karyn Jimenez-Elliott.

Several awards were also handed out to seniors whose work shows a high level of depth, ingenuity and imagination.

  • Best Portfolio – Matthew Guay
  • Best Exhibit – Lukas Levin ’19
  • Most Innovative – Melissa Michel ’19
  • Graphic Excellence – Billy Chen ’19
  • Best Branding – Jonathan Hemingway ’19
  • Design Champion – Matthew Thibealut
  • Best Design Project – Ben Regan ’19
  • Design Leader – Emily Snow
  • Highest GPA (4.0) – Melissa Michel and Matthew Guay

Below is a sampling of student work on display. You can view additional photos of the event on associate professor Karyn Jimenez-Elliott’s Flickr page. The REVEAL Exhibit will remain on display at the John J. Bowen Center for Science & Innovation until September.

Reveal sign.

Jeff Drury and a student at the event.

Students show their portfolios at the event.

Students show their portfolios at the event.

Professor Gail McCarthy during the portfolio review.

Reveal gallery.