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Scene from the Study Abroad Fair in Pepsi Forum

Did you know that JWU Study Abroad oversees more than 80 programs all over the world? (This includes programs they oversee directly, as well as partnership programs with other institutions.) And it’s possible to start traveling as early as your first year at JWU — students from all campuses (including the College of Online Education) can apply. (A limited number of programs are also open to non-JWU students.)

Expand Your Horizons
There’s no better way to step away from the familiar than studying abroad. Not only is it an incredible opportunity to step up to new challenges, but it’s a pathway to shifting your cultural perspective, forging new friendships, and expanding your professional network.

At the recent Study Abroad Fair, students explored the wide range of travel and program options, met representatives from partner programs or exchanges (like the Southern Institute of Technology in New Zealand) and asked questions of students and faculty who had been on previous JWU trips.

Where Will Your Studies Take You?
Study Abroad recruiter Rylie Seaver loves the Fair, because it’s an opportunity to demystify the idea of foreign travel, as well as the entire process around applying. “We have so many students here that get to learn about international education, and what that looks like for them — and how that will set them apart in their futures,” she explained.

If you missed out on the Fair but feel ready to start thinking about where your studies can take you, contact JWU Study Abroad!


Study Abroad Ambassadors at the Study Abroad Fair

Students looking at Study Abroad brochures

Filling out a program application

Students on top of the world in Ecuador