How to Have Fun in Providence This Winter

As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, we can’t deny that winter is coming, as Eddard Stark would say. The good news is that winter in Providence is much more enjoyable than winter in “Game of Thrones.”

Providence is actually a great place to experience winter because there are tons of fun and festive activities to take part in the city and around the area. The city also looks beautiful after snowfall in the winter. Providence has a combination of different activities, some of which will have you enjoying the outdoors (bundled up of course) and some of which will keep you feeling warm and cozy as the temperature drops. 

Winter scene with students walking

I know winter can come with some mixed emotions because, the short days and cold weather can take a toll on your mental health and enjoyment of the season. But winter can be a fun season if you allow it to be. One thing that can help winter be more enjoyable is having things to look forward to during the cold season. Luckily, I’m going to be giving you some ideas for activities you can take part in this winter in and around Providence so you will have things to do. 

Ice Skates, Sleds, and Bumper Cars 

Believe it or not, Providence is an excellent place for cold-weather activities like ice skating. Every winter, the BankNewport City Center offers ice-skating to the public. The City Center is about a 5-minute walk from our Downcity Campus so, many of our students love to walk over and skate with friends. This is a great activity for all ages and a good way to get out of the house this winter. The city center also offers ice bumper car rides which are always an excellent choice and incredibly fun. It’s a winter twist to the classic activity, just like regular bumper cars but you are driving on the ice rink.  

Two students build a snowman in Gaebe commons

As you probably know, once it’s winter in New England then snow will surely follow. This winter, whether you are visiting Providence or a local, I encourage you to try to enjoy the snow. There are other activities other than shoveling! One way to enjoy it after a fresh snowfall is to go sledding. There are many great parks around Rhode Island that are perfect for your sledding adventures. Good parks for sledding in around the area are Roger Williams ParkNeutaconkanut Hill, there’s also a nice hill for sledding at the Moses Brown school.

Kid sledding

Skiing is another great activity for the winter and there are a couple of ski resorts that are not too far from Providence that you can visit. Some places where you can ski, snowboard, or go tubing nearby are Yawgoo Valley and Blue Hills Ski Area. If you're looking for more places to ski and are willing to drive to New Hampshire or Maine, some resorts that are definitely worth visiting are Sunday River, Pats Peak, and Loon

Person skiing

Winter Magic

Now if you really want to have a fun time this winter, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a fun filled ride through the North Pole via the Polar Express with Blackstone Valley. Get your tickets stamped and have some delectable hot chocolate to keep you warm on this magical adventure. 

Shows and Sports Events 

Live theatre is always a great spectacle, and if you combine that with the holiday season and winter classics you can get something truly amazing. This year you can watch a live showing of the Christmas Carol right here in Providence. My family and I actually go to see the Christmas Carol every year, and it's a fun experience being able to watch the classic story on a live stage. It encourages excitement for the upcoming holiday season as well. You can see the Christmas Carol live at the Trinity Rep up until the new year. The Trinity Rep is also right by JWU’s Downcity Campus so you can easily walk their as well.  

If you are into sports, there are tons of athletics events happening right here in Providence. You can catch a game from the Providence Bruins at the Dunkin Donuts Center or you can also stop by a JWU game while you're here. JWU has men's and women's, Ice Hockey and Basketball as our big winter sports, so try to attend a game and support our Wildcats. 

JWU winter sports collage

Winter Farmers Market 

My last recommendation is that you should head down to the farmers market here in Providence. Farm Fresh Rhode Island offers a winter market in an indoor facility right here in Providence. Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean we still can’t go out and support our local farmers by purchasing fresh produce. Providence is a city known for its food and that’s partly because of the JWU Alum around the area. Shopping at the farmers market you may run into some current students or alum taking part in the event as well.  

Vegetables at a farmers' market

I hope hearing about these activities inspires you to go out and enjoy this winter with the people closest to you. Winter in Providence can be a great time and this season should be enjoyed. So, go out and explore this winter and make sure to take in the beauty and magic that it has to offer.  

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