5 Self-Care Tips to Use During Exams

Midterm and final exams can be stressful and nerve-racking to study for. To ease the anxious feelings that often come during exam time, I have some self-care tips to help you clear your mind and study with confidence.

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1. Make a routine

Having a routine can be very calming for your mind. As college students, we have to juggle a lot of things such as homework, friends, family and taking care of ourselves. Create a routine for each day leading up to exams (and beyond) so that you always know what to expect from the day and how many tasks you need to complete.

2. Get enough rest

We all need at least eight hours of sleep to be able to do our best the next day. Exams can often make you lose sleep — after all, they can determine how well you’re going to do in a class. Getting enough rest can help ease those nervous feelings so you can feel energized while taking the exam. However, it’s easier said than done to fall asleep when your mind is racing. Try calming your thoughts by playing some relaxing music, rain sounds or white noise.

3. Move your body

Working out is great for you physically and mentally because exercise helps your brain release more endorphins and other chemicals that make you feel good! Try to create time in your routine to get your body moving – even a short walk can leave you with a more positive mindset.

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4. Schedule breaks in your study session

Always make time to take a break and do something you enjoy or spend time with friends and family. You might feel like you have to study really hard and pull all-nighters to get a good grade, but it’s better to give your brain a break here and there to focus on something fun so you don’t burn yourself out while studying. Spending time with yourself is important as well — put on a face mask, make a snack and use your study break to watch an episode of your favorite show.

5. Create a peaceful study sanctuary

Whether you live on or off campus, you should try to have a clean room and desk space for studying if you can. Set up your study area to be a peaceful place with all the things you need for studying at your fingertips (especially snacks and drinks). If music or background noise helps you focus, play some relaxing music or a tv show softly. If you prefer complete silence, make sure you coordinate with roommates to let them know when your study times will be so you can have guaranteed quiet. Or get noise-canceling headphones – your call.

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I hope these tips help you get through exams – you've got this!

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