My Experience Having a Pet On Campus at JWU

Author Julia Shiels '24 is a Graphic Design major and works as a student assistant at JWU, contributing to JWU News.

Have you ever wished you could bring your pet to college with you? At Johnson & Wales, you can! JWU offers multiple pet-friendly living options that will best suit you and your furry friend. Named one of the most pet-friendly universities by HelloBark in 2021, JWU now has 71 pets across both Providence and Charlotte campuses.

I brought my cat, Piper, with me to school this semester. When selecting housing last year, I made sure to pick one of the many pet-friendly options JWU offers. It was very easy getting her registered, and it was the best decision I ever made. Having her with me helps alleviate stress and makes me smile even during difficult days. She loves playing with my roommate Krissy’s dog, Apollo, and can often be seen sitting in my window watching over the Harborside Village.

Cat on campus

Not only does JWU allow pets, but they do a lot for our pets as well. The RAs in the Village put a pet costume contest on for Halloween, which Piper took part in. Everyone got to vote on their favorite costumes and the winners got a prize. Piper even won overall cat costume going as “Meowie” Antoinette!

Piper Halloween contest

Having a pet in college is very beneficial for a student’s mental health. It can help make the transition of moving away easier and remind students to take breaks from studying. Dogs encourage outdoor time, and the pet community as a whole is a great way to meet people. To get a better idea of just how beneficial having our furry friends on campus is, I asked some pet owners what having a pet on campus meant to them.

"Being able to have my dog on campus with me is probably the best feeling in the world. Knowing that I always have him to go home to makes my day so much better. I’ve been able to make amazing friends that also have pets and we’ve been able to form a great community." — Krissy Perrin '24, JWU Providence

Beagle in the village

"I love having my pet on campus because it’s like having a part of home with me!" — Emma Lipinski '25, JWU Providence

Black cat on bed

"Having my emotional support animal (ESA) on campus has been very helpful, she has been my ESA for almost eight years now, and to be able to have her on campus with me gives me the utmost comfort and stability for my mental health. I feel very grateful to be able to always come home to her and that JWU allows ESAs on campus. Knowing that I have her always calms my anxiety or when I have a depressive flare-up." — Gianna Marlow '24, JWU Charlotte

"Having a pet on campus helps me a lot with my mental health. When I’ve had a stressful day of classes or a hard test to study for, Reggie will instantly make it all better by cuddling up to me or doing something goofy. He instantly makes me forget all my worries. " — Averie Langdeau '24, JWU Providence

Orange cat wearing bowtie and hat

JWU’s pet policy not only benefits pet owners but every student. Pets are often seen around campus and many students will stop to say hello. It makes the atmosphere uplifting and friendly. After all, what’s better than seeing a pet in the middle of your day?

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