3 Things to Know About Corporate Accounting & Financial Analysis

Corporate accounting is the process of recording a company’s financial transactions, documenting expenses, incomes, sales and purchases over a specific time. But there is so much more to it than that, and we teach it all in our Corporate Accounting & Financial Analysis program. If crunching numbers and helping companies thrive excites you, here’s what to know about corporate accounting (and why JWU is a great place to earn a degree in this field!). 

What do corporate accountants do? 

Corporate accountants are responsible for maintaining company accounts, preparing financial statements, creating and monitoring an organization’s budget, collaborating with other departments, and providing strategic support to help companies make decisions based on the financial information they provide. In short, corporate accountants can have a huge impact on how a company runs.  

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How can you pursue a career in corporate accounting? 

Most accounting positions require a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting (JWU offers both!). Corporate accountant jobs require 2-4 years of experience. You may start as a staff accountant, doing bookkeeping and evaluating financial statements and accounting systems. Accountants examine financial statements for accuracy and senior accountants take ownership of reporting costs, productivity, margins and spending for companies and organizations. These jobs are great stepping stones for getting into corporate accounting. 

You’ll need analytical skills, communication skills and an eye for detail. It takes 1-3 months of training to become a licensed corporate accountant because you need a Corporate Accounting certification such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), which verifies that you have financial professional knowledge and abilities for portfolio management, economics, professional and ethical standards and investment analysis; and Certified Management Accountant (CMA), which verifies your abilities in cost management, decision analysis, forecasting and internal control auditing.        

Why study Corporate Accounting & Financial Analysis at JWU? 

Charlotte, North Carolina has become a national hub for finance and banking, which makes it a great place to study accounting and find internship or job opportunities. In our program, you’ll take a wide variety of courses to help you become a top-notch corporate accountant for any type of business. You’ll explore topics such as Operations and Supply Chain Management, International Finance, Marketing Foundations and more to get the full picture of how accounting and finance impact other fields. 

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Plus, there are tons of opportunities for internships, Directed Experiential Education Courses, student competitions and conferences to help you apply your studies in the real world. You can build an impressive résumé before you even graduate. At JWU, you can also take advantage of our Accelerated Master’s Program and begin your MBA in accounting during your senior year to save time and money. Plus, recent JWU graduates may be eligible for a 25% scholarship toward a graduate degree.  

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