5 Questions About Health Services at Johnson & Wales University

Author Makena Warfield '24 is a Media & Communications Studies major and works as a student assistant at JWU, contributing to JWU News.

JWU offers a wide variety of support services for students, including Health Services for physical wellbeing. Many students don’t realize just how many services and resources provides are available on campus, so we’re answering the top frequently asked questions about JWU’s Health Services. 

1. Do I have to have the school’s insurance plan to visit Health Services? 

This is one of the top questions students ask our nurses. You do not need to have the school’s insurance or any insurance to visit Health Services. Onsite, point-of-care tests such as Strep Throat, rapid COVID, rapid Flu, Mononucleosis, pregnancy and more are available at no cost. The only time you will need to provide insurance for billing purposes is if you require any lab work that would have to be sent to an outside facility (blood work, X-rays, etc.).  

2. What can I be treated for at Health Services?  

If you’re feeling under the weather, you can visit Health Services to get either a diagnosis or treatment for common symptoms such as cough, sore throat, stomach complaints and allergies. They can also treat common illnesses, such as a cold, flu, strep throat, concussions and stomach viruses as well as minor infections or minor injuries, such as scrapes, sprains, strains and burns. Plus, they provide laboratory testing, prescription refills, and medication counseling. They can also provide gynecological exams and treatment if needed, as well as sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, diagnosis, and treatments.   

Nurse typing at a keyboard. 

3. What if I don’t want my parents to know that I visited Health Services? 

Health Services are strictly confidential, so they do not disclose any of your medical information to your parents without your consent! If you wish for one of the nurses to speak to your parents, you will have to provide Health Services with a written consent form. Please note that if you are on your parent’s insurance and require lab testing or outside treatment, your parents may receive a bill or notification from insurance. 

Health scale at a doctor's office.

4. Can Health Services prescribe birth control?  

Yes, JWU Health Services offers birth control pills, patches, rings, or injections. They can also refer students to an outside provider for intrauterine devices (IUDs). They provide many resources for safe sexual health, including education on safe sex and sexually transmitted disease (STD) / sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention.  

5. I am showing symptoms of an STD/STI. Can Health Services help me? 

Health Services provides screening, testing, and treatment for STDs/STIs. Throughout the academic school year, Health Services partners with AIDS PROJECT RI (APRI) to provide free and anonymous HIV and Hepatitis C Testing and safer sex kits. Health Services is able to provide students with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication as well as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) while also offering sexual health education and counseling.   

Your health and wellness are important — that’s why JWU offers support services to help students thrive academically, financially, physically, mentally and spiritually!  

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