Five Things to Know About Academic Support Services at JWU

Author Makena Warfield '24 is a Media & Communications Studies major and works as a student assistant at JWU, contributing to JWU News. 

Are you having difficulty in an academic subject and don’t know where to turn? JWU’s Academic Success Centers (ASC) have your back! JWU offers tutoring and academic success coaching at no additional cost on both the Providence and Charlotte campuses. These centers have incredible resources that every student should utilize. Here are five things to know about JWU’s academic support services. 

1. Different types of tutors, services and formats are offered. 

The ASC caters to different learning styles by offering both in-person and online tutoring in one-on-one and group settings. The tutors are both peers and professionals who excel in different subjects. Peer tutors are fellow students, while professional tutors are full-time staff members who have a degree in the subject they tutor.  

Other services are unique to each campus. At the Providence Campus, there are Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS). These are supplemental instruction sessions for specific classes led by a PASS leader who has taken the course.  Anyone who is taking that course can attend. It is a great way to ask questions outside of the classroom at your own pace! Some of the Providence professional tutors lead supplemental instruction sessions also. At the Charlotte Campus, supplemental instruction is offered weekly (except during testing weeks). These one-hour sessions, led by professional tutors, allow students to determine if they are staying on pace with the course or if they need individual tutoring in addition to supplemental instruction. 

For challenging courses that don’t offer supplemental instruction, the Charlotte Campus has embedded tutors. Embedded tutoring provides constant outreach to students and is a go-to resource in class for students who may not know that academic assistance is available in the most difficult courses. 

Students working with tutor.

2. You can receive tutoring for a wide range of subjects and courses. 

From Biology to Criminal Justice to Economics, JWU offers tutoring for select subjects and courses. Tutors also lead study groups in general chemistry, economics, mathematics, business, nutrition, food safety and more. To schedule an appointment, go to in jwulink.  

For 24/7 tutoring, all students can visit to schedule an on-demand tutoring appointment. 
Charlotte Campus Tutoring 

Providence Campus Tutoring 

3. JWU offers Academic Success Coaching. 

If you’re struggling with things like test-taking, time management, study skills, navigating ULearn or self-advocacy, you can schedule an appointment with an Academic Success Coach. They can help you overcome any academic obstacles you may have by creating an individualized success plan.  

Explore Charlotte Campus Academic Success Coaching 

Explore Providence Academic Success Coaching  

4. Get in-person or virtual writing support for your academic essays. 

Even if you’re acing all your courses, you can (and should!) take advantage of the writing support that’s available from tutors at the Academic Success Centers. You can also get support virtually through, an online resource that allows students to upload a draft of their assignments or papers for a tutor to review and get feedback within 12 hours. It never hurts to get another set of eyes on your work!  

Students being tutored

5. JWU students also have access to Read & Write Gold software.

Aside from the many great resources offered at the tutoring centers, JWU also gives students access to Read & Write Gold, an online software that supports reading, writing and study skills. It is available on all JWU computers, and students can also download this software onto their personal computers and smartphones for free. 

There are many tools that students can take advantage of in Read & Write Gold, such as the study skills tools which can highlight and extract text from any document or webpage, the text-to-speech tool, the online translator, the phonetic spell checker and more. 

Individuals who may have reading and writing difficulties or have learning disabilities such as dyslexia are encouraged to download the software.  

At JWU, students have so much support and so many resources available to help them achieve academic and personal success. Every student can benefit from using Tutoring Services! 

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