PA Program Cost

The below rates apply to our Physician Assistant Studies program.

2020-21 Tuition & Fees

Please note that the program runs a full 24-month span, including summer semester. Below you will find a tuition breakdown per semester, per year and for the entirety of the program.

Tuition and university fees are adjusted annually.

  Per Semester         Per Year         2-year Total
2020-21 Tuition         $15,732 $47,196 $94,392
Fees $1,094 $3,282 $6,564

Estimated total program cost (inclusive of tuition and estimated fees): $100,956

Estimated Expenses

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)* per semester TBD
Textbooks $1,000-$3,000
Criminal Background Checks $75
Room & Board $13,500
Personal (supplies, etc.) $3,000
Program-related travel $5,000
Laptop computer $1,000-2,000
Medical Equipment Expenses (purchased in first year only)         $1,080
Scrubs (2 pair) $50
Short White Jacket/Coat (2) $22-30
Otoscope and ophthalmoscope $450-800
Stethoscope (Littman Cardiology III or better) $170
Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff) $190
Examination Gown ("Johnnie") $11
Examination Drape (Flat twin sheet, white) $11
Tuning forks (128cps and 512 cps) $10
Penlight $5-10
Reflex Hammer $3-4
JWU PA program name tag and patch $10
Recommended Equipment  
Medical Bag $10-60
Metric tape measure $5
EKG caliper $5-15


*Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) — 2020-21 Academic Year
Health insurance coverage is a critical consideration while enrolled at Johnson & Wales University (JWU). All registered undergraduate day students, both domestic and international, all students enrolled in the Physician Assistant Program, all students enrolled in the Counseling Psychology Graduate Program, and all international graduate and doctoral students attending Johnson & Wales University are required to have health insurance coverage that is accepted in the United States. Only students who meet these criteria and are required to have health insurance coverage while attending JWU are eligible for the Johnson & Wales University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Paying for tuition and fees:

Domestic students can apply for financial aid via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at In addition, if you want to set up a monthly payment plan or make a one-time payment, please visit If you need assistance, please contact your financial planner. 

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition is applicable to all students, including those on approved off-campus programs. Student health insurance, program fees, and room & board are nonrefundable, if applicable. Review the tuition refund policy.