Why Choose JWU for Your PA Studies?

A CNNMoney/PayScale poll projected nearly 30% job growth in the PA field over the next 10 years. Rhode Island is investing heavily in the health sciences/health care sector as a statewide driver of economic growth.

JWU’s PA program, the first in the state, takes advantage of Rhode Island’s strengths as an incubator: small size, high population density and an interlinked medical and education network.

Be part of that growth, while gaining a versatile skill set that can be applied to virtually all facets of the medical field, including primary care, hospitalist medicine, surgery and emergency medicine.

Dedicated Facility Puts Down Roots in RI’s Medical Corridor

The PA program is part of the Center for Physician Assistant Studies, which is housed in an 18,000 square-foot facility located in Providence’s Knowledge District.

Our building is uniquely dedicated to PA studies — meaning that you won’t have to run from one classroom building to another during that busy first year of preclinical studies. Instead, you will be able to focus and learn without interruption as you progress with your peers.

Collaboration and teamwork will be central to your education. Our new facility will be set up to maximize information sharing and group work between students, faculty and community colleagues.

Our Mission

The mission of the Physician Assistant Studies program at JWU is to educate students to become collaborative practitioners with the respect, empathy and trust inherent to patient-centered, humanistic health care.

Learn more about our mission, curriculum and program structure in our PA Studies brochure (912K PDF).

Deliver Humanistic, Patient-Centered Care

Maintaining a relationship of trust and caring is central to becoming a health care professional, whether your goal is to stay in Rhode Island to care for Rhode Islanders, or go where a growing career opportunity takes you.

Learn more about the philosophy of humanistic medicine at The Arnold P. Gold Foundation.