Student Clubs & Organizations

students holding t-shirts with the text "Get Involved"

Getting involved with co-curricular activities at JWU Charlotte is one of the best ways to make the most of your college experience.

It is also an ideal way to get to know your peers, your campus, and the surrounding city.

And, because there are so many student organizations right here on campus, it’s easy to get connected to all kinds of club-sponsored events like socials, dances, road trips, lectures and film screenings.

JWU Charlotte Student Organizations List (March 2023) (PDF)

The Involvement Network

Our recently relaunched link between the university and Student Organizations on campus allows you to view all the clubs & organizations, along with their mission statements and club activity.

Each club has its own profile page where you can find upcoming events, contact information, and defining documents, such as the organization’s Constitution.

Go to jwuLink and select “Involvement Network” under “Charlotte Campus Tools” to access the network.

Policies & Procedures

Our Student Organizations Handbook (993K PDF) covers the policies and procedures related to running a student organization, including how to get started, club responsibilities and event policies.

If you’re interested in forming a new group, simply access the Involvement Network to submit an application, or speak with a Student Engagement staff member to help walk you through the process.

Note: When a student becomes a member (pledge, associate, new or full member) of a student club, organization or team, the student represents not only themself but the university and the club, organization or team. Groups may be held responsible as a whole for the misconduct of their individual members, including, but not limited to, any violation of the Student Code of Conduct; any other university rule or policy; or any local, state or federal law. Refer to the Student Organizations Handbook above for more information regarding group responsibility.

Appropriations & Funding

Student organizations in good standing with the university may be eligible for supplemental funding provided by the Student Government Association (SGA). The appropriations guidelines and procedures can be found in the Student Organizations Handbook.

Questions? Email Student Engagement or stop by our office in the Wildcat Center.