Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I submit my completed admissions forms, including passport copies, bank statements and financial declarations?
Submit your documentation here.

Can I transfer to JWU from another university?
Yes. Approximately 28% of JWU’s new international students transfer from postsecondary schools around the world. Many of these schools have formal credit transfer agreements with JWU. Students should submit mark sheets, grades and transcripts to Admissions to find out how many of the credits will transfer. Credit will be awarded for courses completed with a “C” or better (minimum 2.0/4.0) that are similar in level and content to courses at JWU. Scholarships are available to transfer students.

Can I apply to more than one JWU campus?
Students must select only one campus at the time of application. However, after enrollment you may be eligible to transfer to another JWU campus.

Can I transfer to another JWU campus after enrolling?
Yes, it is possible to transfer from one JWU campus to another. Interested students must consult with an academic counselor in Student Academic & Financial Services (SAFS) to initiate a request.

What is required of students who have attended non-US schools?
If any of your secondary or post-secondary coursework is from an institution outside of the United States, the Office of Admissions requires you to submit all international coursework to World Education Services, Inc., or other third-party verification agency for a credential evaluation. Students who wish to transfer credit will need to request a course-by-course evaluation (with GPA and course-levels). The official evaluation is required for your application to be reviewed for admission consideration. Once JWU receives the evaluation, we will review and verify its contents. If evaluation meets our requirements, we will not require a separate official transcript from that school. If your academic study is in progress and you are admitted to JWU, you will be required to provide the appropriate documents upon completion of your studies.

What housing is available to International students?
As a student at JWU, you’ll have many housing options to choose from. On campus, there are many types of residence halls that offer traditional rooms, suites, apartment-style living, as well as learning-living communities that are designed around a theme or academic discipline. All are equipped with cable, Wi-Fi, and, for your convenience, laundry facilities on-site. At our Providence, Charlotte and Denver campuses, first-time undergraduate international students are required to live on campus during their first year unless they meet any of the following exemptions:

  • is married or has a same sex domestic partner relationship that meets certain eligibility requirements
  • is a parent
  • is at least 21 years of age
  • is living at home with a relative, parent, or guardian and commuting within a 50-mile radius of campus
  • is a transfer student
  • is not eligible to live on campus

There are also a limited number of graduate student housing opportunities at our Providence Campus. Explore Graduate Student Services.

What security measures does JWU have in place at each campus?
All of our campuses have more security personnel per student than most universities, and our electronic security systems utilize the latest technology. JWU offers:

  • 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols
  • Controlled dormitory access by security card or key
  • Controlled academic and administrative building access by security card
  • Late night escort service

Can I change my program of study after enrollment?
Yes, It is possible to transfer from one program to another. Interested students must consult with an academic counselor in Student Academic & Financial Services (SAFS) to initiate a request.