Study Abroad: 500 Corks in Germany


For Andrew House ’17, it’s about being able to experience the hospitality industry firsthand. For example: “Understanding the geography of wine regions is something that’s really hard to do from a book,” said House.

Which is why the food service management major recently embarked on the international trip of a lifetime through JWU Study Abroad, participating in 500 Corks: Wine and Wine/Food Pairings in Germany. 

"Coming to JWU has shown me a love of traveling."

As part of the program, House studied at an internationally recognized German wine school for 4 weeks. Classes included honing skills in wine and food pairings, focusing on both the new- and old-world wines of Europe. “We had guest instructors come every day, and they would teach us about a different region and share their experiences,” said House. Students also spent 1 week on excursions to vineyards and wine cellars in the surrounding wine-growing regions of France. “Being there … I can really just experience what this wine has to go through to become such an amazing thing in a bottle.”

It’s an experience House won’t soon forget, as it’s a long way from where he began. “The first time I moved was moving into the [residence hall] on campus,” said House. “Coming to JWU has shown me a love of traveling.”