JWU Launches Programs in Health and Wellness, Economics and Tech

Students at work in one of our science labs.

JWU has added several new undergraduate degree programs to its total lineup of more than 60. Like all JWU programs, the latest ones are designed to meet the needs of today’s growing industries and career opportunities, while also giving students a well-rounded arts and sciences background and experiential learning opportunities.

When creating new programs, JWU faculty network with industry experts and research industry trends and occupations, and use the information gained to build programs that give students the background and skills they’ll need to succeed professionally and personally.

"Our focus has been to add programs in the areas of health, wellness and technology."

“Johnson & Wales University continues to add programs to diversify our academic portfolio while staying true to our mission of creating innovative, career-focused majors that will lead to successful careers for our students. Our recent focus has been to add programs in the areas of health and wellness, and technology. Future curricular issues will focus on our expertise in innovation in the food sector,” said JWU Provost Lily S. Hsu, Ed.D., about JWU’s growing academic programs.

JWU’s newest undergraduate degree programs include:

Computer Science
One of the fastest growing areas of employment, jobs in computer science are projected to grow by 19 percent between 2016 and 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our Computer Science program offers students flexibility for their degree and their career path. They can specialize in Network Engineering or Software Engineering and can study other areas of interest to broaden their career options through electives in finance, entrepreneurship, accounting and other social sciences.

Students at work in one of our technology labs.

Digital Marketing & Social Media
Our Digital Marketing & Social Media program prepares students for careers in the areas of digital marketing, creative services and marketing operations.

The program is a collaborative degree offered through our College of Engineering & Design and College of Business, that focuses on data science, marketing and social media. JWU is one of few schools to offer a bachelor’s degree in this combined area of studies.

The interdisciplinary focus of our Economics program, which includes coursework in accounting, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, gives students a holistic understanding of economics and the practical ways it can be applied to settings ranging from the public sector to the banking and financial industries. The program also includes an internship and our core arts and sciences courses, giving students the flexibility to pursue a wider choice of careers.

Students at the Innovation Lab.

Integrated Product Design
In an increasingly global economy, successful companies compete by investing in ideas, innovation and design. Our Integrated Product Design program trains students to innovate by applying design-thinking skills to create amazing products, improve user experiences and optimize systems.

Students can graduate into a job in design, but could also add value to any business as an innovator. Designing new restaurant experiences (interiors, systems and products) is one example of a student project for this program.

Public Health
Public Health is all around us, and through JWU’s Public Health program, we educate students who are inspired to create change in their communities and in the world. Students who choose to study public health want to seek the root cause of health problems beyond the biological basis of disease.

Our faculty work closely with students to help them solve real-life issues while they explore everything from the biological and behavioral sciences to culinary practice and business management. Our integrative, experiential approach to public health helps students identify various ways to address health-related issues and prepares them for a wide range of careers in this growing field.