New Summer Program to Help Prepare High School Students for College Success

springtime image of denver Campus

Johnson & Wales University (JWU) has partnered with Landmark College, a global leader in educating students with learning differences (LD), to host a new program that will help high school students prepare for success in higher education.

Set to begin July 20 at JWU’s Denver Campus, the Preparing Students for College Success program will provide college-capable high school juniors and seniors with learning strategies and hands-on experiences that help them transition to life as an independent college student.

Over the course of two weeks, the program will provide a sampling of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) teaching model, which Landmark College uses to help students improve executive function (EF) skills, including focus, organization, planning, initiation of tasks, and self-monitoring.

"Together we can offer an extraordinary educational experience."

In addition, students will take classes that help them better understand their learning strengths and challenges, strengthen their writing process, develop better habits for academic success, and take a course in either culinary arts or sports management. Afternoon recreational activities and weekend excursions will offer a balance to the program and allow students to learn to navigate independently in a variety of non-academic settings.

“JWU was among the first universities to build a curriculum around hands-on learning, and we see the value of an experiential education. We are thrilled to partner with Landmark College because they also appreciate a unique and transformative learning approach. Together we can offer an extraordinary educational experience that incorporates industry experience into a program designed for students who learn differently,” says JWU Denver Campus President Richard Wiscott.

Parents also have an opportunity to participate in a weekend workshop that will give them a better understanding of their students’ needs regarding college readiness and the ability to identify the importance of balancing commitments, self-advocacy, and organization as they begin their transition to college. Parents through their participation in this optional session will further reinforce the learned strategies by the students.

“This program empowers students to be independent learners, while also offering a taste of college life through an authentic, integrated living and learning experience,” said Landmark College President Peter Eden. “We’re pleased that JWU wanted to leverage our more than 30 years of expertise helping individuals with learning and attention challenges become better students. Partnerships like this help increase opportunities for students all over the country to succeed in college.”

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