JWU’s Global Education Takes Students Around the World

At JWU, an education doesn’t end in the classroom. From locations far and wide, an education through life experiences is brought to a whole new level. Students are exposed to other cultures, languages, food, art and history — using what they learn inside the classroom out in the world.

JWU Hospitality students touring a mummy exhibit in Egypt

In 2019 alone, JWU students traveled to more than 20 countries for life-changing experiences. They met people from diverse cultures, built international networks, strengthened their abilities to adapt, and learned global skills that employers value. They took on new challenges, saw life from a different perspective, and made new memories and friends. The countries stamped on our students’ passports this year include:

Argentina Italy Morocco
Australia Germany Nepal
Costa Rica Greece Portugal
China India South Africa
Ecuador Ireland Spain
Egypt Korea Thailand
England Japan
France Mexico

A JWU student gets her hand painted in a traditional folk art style in Ecuador

Whether you’re a first-year student, a senior or a graduate student, and no matter what your major is — JWU offers education abroad opportunities to meet many interests. Students at all four JWU campuses can participate in programs abroad to learn about topics ranging from sustainable tourism to economics, fashion to French cuisine, and engineering to event management.

We offer 80+ study abroad and exchange programs in 83 countries. And we've ranked 31st nationally, among U.S. master’s degree granting institutions, for our programs abroad by the Institute of International Education’s 2018 Open Doors Report.

Hospitality students visit Greece

As a student at JWU, you can choose from various types of programs abroad, depending on your major and your interests, including:

  • Study abroad
  • Exchange programs
  • Semester at sea
  • Language immersion
  • Familiarization (FAM) tours

In the town square in Ecuador

Hear what our students have to say about what they learned and how they have grown beyond their own expectations through education abroad programs.

“If we let ourselves step out of the comfort zones we know and love, we can open ourselves up to a world of vast diversity and hidden lessons that are waiting to be uncovered.”

— Katie Horrigan, Ecuador

 Take a look at our trip to Ecuador through the eyes of our students.

“Traveling to Egypt gave us so much. We made memories that will last a lifetime while bonding with our classmates. We had an unforgettable educational experience and learned how to be good to the world. And, we gained a whole new outlook on life.”

— Jessica Fisher, Egypt

Listen to our students describe their Egyptian adventure.

“One of the most memorable things was hiking through the Angkor Temples, an experience that was equally picturesque and educational. We recognized how much history and culture already existed in the world centuries before our time, and how little we truly knew about it.”
— Julia Menges, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

 Visiting Cambodia: Life-Changing

While JWU students are traveling outside of the U.S. for global education, many incoming exchange students — 313 from 17 different countries — traveled to one of JWU's campuses to study abroad in the states. Several of them chose JWU after hearing about us from other students in their home country who have studied at JWU themselves. Some of the countries these students traveled from include Australia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore and many more.

Tiffany Rhodes in India

As we’ve heard from our students who have studied abroad, a global education can broaden your boundaries, bring people of different backgrounds and cultures together, and expand insight and outlook on everyday life. You’ll never know what you’ll find until you get there and take your education to the next level.

Boat trip

Historic town square

Foggy castle scene in Ireland

Hiking in Ecuador