The JWU Advantage: Biology

Students and faculty in a lab

When considering a career in the field of science, many people jumps to the end-goal. Perhaps you want to work in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry helping develop the latest drug for an illness. If you’re passionate about the great outdoors, you might have your eyes set on becoming an environmental scientist studying the world and the many living things around you. Or maybe you want to work up closely with people in the healthcare field. Regardless of what you’re specifically passionate about, science has one simple through line, biology.

At Johnson & Wales, we understand that one shoe doesn’t fit all when it comes to what our students’ end-goals are and that’s why we’ve developed a biology program with this in mind, giving you the JWU advantage.

What makes JWU’s biology program stand out?

A degree in biology opens the door to a wealth of possibilities. Our curriculum and what our students take away from it reflects exactly that. “The science department faculty are committed to both science education and their area of expertise,” said faculty member and science department chair Christos Dimos, Ph.D. “They genuinely care about the students and want to help them grow as a person and professional.”

But having faculty members with a multitude of expertise in different areas isn’t all that our faculty bring to the table. Along with being educators, they’re also constant learners. After all, a field like biology is constantly developing. “The faculty in the department are highly committed to attending professional conferences and completing professional development opportunities,” said Dimos. “Because our faculty is always continuing to learn and keep up with the latest developments in their field, they’re able to bring this back to the classroom.” Dimos explained that this is necessary to relay “what is currently happening in industry and what skills sets are needed to succeed.”

What do biology students study?

At Johnson & Wales we waste no time immersing biology students in their studies. Within their first year, students are already building a solid foundation through studying general biology and physics to lay the framework of what’s to come. To further bolster their educational experience, our students also pair this with accompanying labs in state-of-the-art facilities. Dimos explained that this is essential because it “allows students to apply the concepts they are working in lecture. These laboratories try to mimic the experiences student will have in industry or graduate school.” 

However knowing that our students have a diverse range of career plans after graduation, students can specialize their studies along the way. For students with an interest in medical or health professions, they’re typically encouraged to specialize in biomedical science. This teaches them a thorough understanding of the human body with courses like functional human anatomy, human physiology, and immunology.

Meanwhile for students that have an interest in the environment or sustainability, they’re typically encouraged to specialize in environmental studies. There, they focus in on issues plaguing the environment by taking courses like sustainability policy and planning, evolution, and environmental sociology.

What can I do with a degree in biology?

Graduates of the bachelor’s in biology program can go on to pursue a wide range of career options. Some of those jobs include working for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, federal agencies, healthcare organizations, non-profit foundations, and doing research at academic institutions.

However, we know that for a lot of our students, earning their bachelor’s degree in biology is just the beginning. That’s why at JWU we make it easy for our students to continue their education without ever missing a beat.

As a biology student you’re able to apply for JWU’s Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies or Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) program. This means that if you meet the academic and experiential requirement, you can move past the competition with a guaranteed interview by P.A. or O.T.D. admissions staff.

But the possibilities don’t end there.

Partnered with the University of Saint Joseph, JWU biology students can enroll in a 3+3 Biology-Pharm.D. program which creates a path to graduate with an undergraduates degree in biology and a Pharm.D. in only six years. This can put students on the fast-track to complete their studies a year ahead and potentially save on tuition.

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