7 Interesting Classes at JWU You’ll Want to Take Now

At Johnson & Wales University, you’ll take classes that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your dreams. But we know you have interests outside of your major, too. Did you know that you can take classes in a wide variety of academic areas? At JWU, you’ll explore interests and topics beyond your major. (In fact, encouraging interdisciplinary learning is one of the things JWU does best!) By taking classes across a wide range of subjects, you’ll learn how to think outside of the box and consider new ideas and viewpoints. There are a wide variety of classes to choose from. Check out our recommendations below — you won’t want to miss them! 

1. Things That Go Bump in The Night: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Supernatural

This course is all things spooky and otherworldly where students learn about creatures such as vampires, zombies, werewolves, ghosts, and more! No matter which JWU campus you call home, you can dive deep into your supernatural passions and find out how these creatures play a huge role in human thoughts and fears. You will never get bored in this class as you watch, read, discuss, and make connections between 21st-century monsters and societal changes.

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2. The Problem with Evil  

Interested in learning about the concept of evil and why people commit acts of evil? This class takes you through the history of evil and the impact it has had on humans. Students get to learn about all the ways humans have tried to define evil over time and the biological and social development of individuals who commit these acts. Students also discover ways that society can foster empathy and minimize negative behavioral development in children. You can take this course in Providence, Charlotte and Online.

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3. Logic, Reasoning and Nonsense: How to Tell the Difference

Students at the Providence Campus can take this insightful course which puts debating skills to the test. Cover public policy, philosophy, law, and mathematics, while you are challenged to make informed decisions, identify falsities within organizations and debate using logic and reasoning.

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4. The Working Life

Explore new perspectives on working life with this elective course that investigates the history of the workforce and its impact on human experiences. This course encourages students to reflect on the ways in which our identity is shaped by our careers. Learn how the workforce has evolved to what it is today and how it may change in the future. Providence Campus Professor and English department chair Scott Palmieri, Ph.D., said, “The history of work touches upon how our work norms and laws were shaped and larger historical issues, including slavery, immigration, and Civil Rights.

5. The XX Factor  

Students at all campuses can analyze gender identity and sexuality in this course that covers women’s psychological and social development. Students are provided with a variety of multiple viewpoints while also becoming aware of the stereotypes and resistance to societal biases. Classes such as this one give students the knowledge they need to make JWU an inclusive community.

Classes such as this one give students the knowledge they need to make JWU an inclusive community.

6. (De)Constructing Race and Color

This class takes a deep dive into the racialization process including topics such as immigration, migration, prejudice, stereotypes, and racism. Social justice is at the forefront of our current culture and this course will get you well versed in the topic. The course will challenge you to think about why race matters in all types of organizations and the evolution of social justice. Students in Charlotte, Providence, and online have the option to add this course to their schedules.

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7. Coming on Strong: A Cultural Approach to Diet, Health and Fitness

Interested in learning about health and fitness? Then this course is for you! Learn about how scientific, religious, philosophical, and cultural ideas have changed over time within the health and fitness category. Being knowledgeable about health and fitness is a great way to stay connected with yourself throughout your college experience!

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What Makes a JWU Education Different? 

At JWU, students are given the tools they need to succeed in the industry they are passionate about. Our experiential education and hands-on learning experiences allow our students to build a strong portfolio that will lead them to a variety of job opportunities.

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