How to Make Friends As An Introvert

Keyanna Metts '25 just completed her first year at Johnson & Wales University. She is majoring in Marketing & Advertising.

When you are entering college, there is a lot of anxiety and stress that comes with it because this is the start of your adult life.

Being an introvert can increase these feelings to very high levels. It’s a whole new environment, people and lifestyle that you must adapt to.

I know being an introvert, your social battery can become low very fast. Layer on social anxiety that comes with being introverted too.

Take college as an opportunity to start helping yourself grow, become a better version of yourself and to be different you than you were in high school. To start making friends, you also have to push yourself a little. I know making new friends can become nerve-racking, but making friends can make your college experience a lot smoother. Here are a few ways to make friends in college.

Take college as an opportunity to start helping yourself grow.

group of girls eating lunch at orientation

Start Making Friends at Orientation

Visiting the college that you want to go to can be a big help to learning your way around, but Orientation is what you really want to participate in.

Orientation is an annual event for incoming students. You'll have a tour of the school and meet people that have the same major or who you might see on campus from time to time. This can also be a big help to introverted people because you get to meet a lot of new faces and interact with new people who have the same or similar interests as you. Orientation leaders will bring you out of your shell a little bit to help you make friends and get to know people who you are going to see around campus for the next four years.

Think of Your Roommate as Your Future Bestie

Having a roommate could be a good or dreadful thing when it comes to finding friends. Sometimes living with someone can be hard because of two different lifestyles combining. But let’s focus on the positive of having a roommate.

Your roommate is kind of your “first friend.”

Coming into college, your roommate is kind of your “first friend.” This is the person that you live with, which can be awkward and weird at first, but once you get to know them and start to settle in, things will start to become more comfortable. You and your roommate can make friends together by going to your school events, parties and of course, your classes. Sometimes you do not know when or how you will meet your friends, so be prepared and open to people you meet.

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Get Involved on Campus

When you join clubs, sports, sororities and fraternities, it can help you grow and come out of your shell. When you have hobbies and like to play sports, this can help you gain friends, too. Through team competitions, you will travel to other colleges where you can also meet people and make new friends. You can become closer with your teammates, because to be a team you need to become one.

women's basketball game in action

Sororities and fraternities are a really wonderful way to make friends, too. These types of organizations usually have a process that interested students go through that involves meeting new people that want to join a sorority or fraternity, either a different house or the same house as you. Joining a house and getting accepted into the house is joining a family with people that you are going to call your sisters or brothers. Not only just for the four years that you are in college — they are going to be with you for a lifetime. As an introvert, it probably sounds very comforting to know that you have a group of people who will be there for you if you need anything.

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Being an introvert comes with a lot of anxiety. I know thinking of college and starting back to square one can be scary, but it’ll be okay once you start to feel comfortable. You will see yourself coming out of your shell more than you thought you would.

Keep an open mind when going to orientation and getting to know your roommate. Think about joining clubs, sports, sororities or fraternities. Above all, have a fun time at college, because you get to make your college experience.

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