23 Useful Questions to Ask on a College Tour

To many high school students, going on your first college tour can be intimidating. After all, it’s the first step in starting your future! On college tours, it’s very important to ask questions so you can get the most out of your visit.  

During my tour as a junior in high school, I was so scared to ask questions. As the tour went on, a lot of other students asked questions, and I realized that a lot of us had the same questions. Eventually, I started asking questions that were more specific to my experience. After all, if you go on a student-led tour, what better person to ask about a school than one of their students? To help give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some questions you might want to ask on a college tour. 

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gaebe in the fall


  1. What is the professor to student ratio?  
  2. Do any programs require an internship? 
  3. What are your study abroad opportunities like?  
  4. How easy is it to switch majors or schools?  
  5. Are tutoring services available?  

Campus life 

  1. How many clubs are offered?  
  2. Is it required for first years to live on campus?  
  3. Can I bring my car to campus?  
  4. Are there many on campus jobs? If so, how would I go about finding one?  
  5. What are the transportation options like for students who don’t have a car on campus?  


  1. Is attending sports games popular?  
  2. How many varsity teams are there? 
  3. Are there any other sports teams besides varsity, like club or intramural?  
  4. Are there any scholarships specific to athletes? 
  5. What division is this school? 

Financial services  

  1. Are there many scholarship opportunities?  
  2. How many first-year students receive financial aid? 
  3. How do I meet with my financial advisor? 


  1. What are the different meal plan options?  
  2. Are there many options for various dietary restrictions? 
  3. What meal plan would you recommend for a first-year student? 
  4. What are the hours of the dining halls? 
  5. How many dining halls are on campus?  

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These are just a few questions to think about before going on your next college visit. Everyone has different goals for what to get out of a tour, so feel free to think about what you want from your college experience and add some questions to the list! 


23 Useful Tour Questions (PDF)