JWU Charlotte Launches Accelerated Nursing Program

April 2024 Update: The start date for the Charlotte Nursing program has been updated to August 2024.

In 2024, Johnson & Wales University will launch an accelerated second-degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at the Charlotte Campus. The unversity received approval from the North Carolina Board of Nursing in May 2023 and the North Carolina Board of Governors in September 2023.

“North Carolina, like the rest of the country, is experiencing a critical shortage of nursing professionals,” said JWU Charlotte President Richard Mathieu, Ph.D. “Between the COVID-19 pandemic and retirements, our healthcare system has been pushed to its limit. We’re proud to offer this program to make nursing more accessible to those interested in a career change.”

Secondary Degree Program For Career Changers

The accelerated, four-semester program is intended to be a secondary degree program for students with an undergraduate degree.

The new degree program further solidifies Johnson & Wale University’s strong commitment to healthcare education. JWU Charlotte offers degrees in various in-demand healthcare areas, including culinary nutrition, public health, and exercise and sports science. The university’s decades of hospitality and culinary excellence provide the foundation for a patient-centered, empathetic, and holistic approach to healthcare education.

To be considered for this highly competitive program, students must have earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their undergraduate program and completed prerequisite courses, including Human Anatomy & Physiology and Organic/Inorganic Chemistry. For interested students without required prerequisites, JWU will offer the opportunity to complete selected prerequisite courses before starting the nursing program.

“We are proud to offer this program to make nursing more accessible to those interested in a career change.”

Once accepted, students will be required to complete in-class instruction and faculty-supervised clinical hours through agreements with healthcare providers across the state.

Accelerated Program to Meet Industry Demand

“Johnson & Wales is committed to providing a well-rounded, patient-centered curriculum,” said David Hudson, DNP, RN, JWU Charlotte’s nursing program director. “Our innovative program will allow our students to get the training they need on an accelerated timeline and prepare them to join the healthcare workforce to meet industry demand.”

“We’re thrilled to kick off our 20th anniversary year in Charlotte by welcoming our first nursing cohort in May 2024,” said Mathieu. “This program is just another example of our university’s commitment to help fulfill workforce development needs. We look forward to our nursing students utilizing our new state-of-the-art nursing lab and completing clinical internships with local partners, to help bring highly qualified and trained nurses into the healthcare sector.”

As is the case in all health & wellness degree programs offered at JWU, nursing students will be required to complete nutrition coursework, leveraging the university’s culinary strength and history to provide a full-body approach to wellness.

August Start

JWU Charlotte’s Nursing program was approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing in May.

The university has invested $1.3 million in labs and equipment for the new program. JWU will welcome the first class of students on August 26, 2024.




Newborn and pediatric simulation manikins in the Charlotte nursing lab.