Employers Recruit JWU Charlotte Students at Career Fair

Each semester, JWU Charlotte hosts the Experiential Education & Career Services Spring Expo. Employers from a variety of top-tiercompanies come to campus to network with students and find candidates for open job and internship opportunities. Students from all majors are welcome as there are many networking and career prospects available in different fields. 

With an education focused on career preparedness, JWU students come to these events with confidence, ready to share the skills and abilities they’ve learned in the classroom. Even though they haven’t graduated yet, their experiences and résumés already make them impressive candidates who stand out. 

“We’re here looking to hire students with a positive attitude, who want to learn and grow,” said Kristin Violette, a recruiter for Montage Hotels & Resorts. “Skills we can teach, but we cannot teach a positive attitude and hard work.”   

Not to worry — JWU students have that and more!   

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JWU Alumni Return to Campus as Recruiters  

Among the 70 employers who attended the fair, there were several JWU alumni in the mix. Since these recruiters knew first-hand the value of a JWU education, they were excited to network with the next generation of Wildcats.  

“I think the real-life experiences that JWU provides students set them up for success,” said Josh Baskey ’15, an alum from the Culinary Arts & Food Service Management program. “The more I look back, the more I realize the professors at JWU really did look out for me. They gave me the right answers. Maybe not the book answers, but they gave answers related to real-life experience. They seemed to enjoy what they did, and they passed along that passion and just made it fun so that when you got into this industry you enjoyed it.”  

Baskey is now the assistant general manager for Roaring Gap Country Club in Durham, North Carolina. He enjoys returning to his alma mater to recruit. “The students that I come back and talk to whether it’s here at JWU or at Club Management Association of America (CMAA) events, they’re always great students,” he said.  

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Why Every Student Should Attend a Career Fair  

“The Spring Expo is one of many recruitment events Experiential Education & Career Services hosts throughout the year to help students connect with employers and build their professional network,” says Deborah Langenstein, the director of the Experiential Education & Career Services office at the Charlotte Campus. “The employers that attended the Expo were looking to recruit new talent to join their company as either full-time employees, seasonal help, or interns.  We are thrilled with the level of employer and student engagement at this year’s event!”  

“It’s good to see companies here today that I haven’t thought about, and who are so excited to meet us,” said Azalea Joyner ’24, a soon-to-be graduate in the Culinary Arts program. “When I was talking with a potential employer, they said ‘I’m so happy you’re from Johnson & Wales.’ When I came to Johnson & Wales, I thought about that reputation. JWU has prepared me well to talk with potential employers.”  

“I think it’s great to have all these companies here in one place, as I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my career,” added Jaylen Benson ’25. “It’s helpful to have so many options laid out for me and see different specialties.” A Hospitality Management major, Jaylen also had a lot to say about how JWU and his professors have prepared him — for career fairs and beyond.  

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“My professors have done a great job of preparing me for an internship and future career,” he said. “They’re so supportive. They know me as a person, so they’ve made that transition very easy for me and I appreciate them for that. Overall, JWU has helped me improve my communication skills. I’m sharpening my tools and getting prepared for the real world.”  

Preparation was a major theme for the day. “JWU has classes to help develop your LinkedIn profile, your résumé and your portfolio so when you do have opportunities like this, you are well prepared,” shared Christian Delarosa ’25, a Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage Management major. “When you come to events like these, you are set to go! You just put on a smile and tell them what you’re worth.”  

The 430+ JWU students who attended the Spring Expo did just that, and we can’t wait to see how many of them landed an exciting opportunity from their day of networking.  


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