An Abundance of Academic Pathways

December 2023 Update: This story was edited to remove an outdated reference.

When considering a future in the health and sciences world, there are a lot of options. Along with those choices comes even more paths to get there. It’s not surprising that many students wonder, “Which path is the right one, and how to get ahead?”

At Johnson & Wales University, we have proactively taken measures to help students at this pivotal time in their academic journey. Through our Competitive Pathway Programs, we offer our undergraduate Biology, Exercise & Sport Science and Health Science students a chance to save time and money and further their studies as graduate students in targeted programs at JWU.

“If graduate study is on your pathway to professional success, Johnson & Wales can provide you with a competitive edge to get there,” said Michael Fein, dean of John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences."

Competitive Pathway Options

The pathway program that’s right for you depends on what degree you’re considering. Let your interests guide your way to an educational pathway!

Interested in a Biology Degree?

If the field of Biology peaks your interest, there are many different pathways you can choose to help further your studies. Explore those pathways below:

  • Physician Assistant Studies or Occupational Therapy Doctorate As a Biology student, you are given the opportunity to apply to JWU’s Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies or Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) program. Through this pathway, given you meet academic and experiential eligibility requirements, you’ll move past most of the competition with a guaranteed interview by Physician Assistant or Occupational Therapy admissions staff.
  • 3+3 Biology-Pharm.D. Through a partnership between JWU and the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), qualified JWU students can earn a bachelor’s degree in biology and a Pharm.D. in just six years. Not only does this pathway help accelerate our students from classroom to career, it also saves them up to a year in tuition in the process. “This accelerated pharmacy program provides students the best of both worlds: a strong academic foundation and a cost-effective, fast track to professional success,” said Fein. “It also reaffirms JWU and USJ’s commitment to the applied liberal arts. With this agreement, our Biology students now have another pathway to enter the health professions.”
  • Medical School If your eye is fixed on medical school, don’t be quick to overlook JWU’s undergraduate program in Biology. By expanding the electives you take such as human anatomy, physiology and immunology, while pursuing your bachelor’s degree, you can fulfill your pre-med requirements in your four-years at JWU.

Explore JWU’s Biology program

Interested in Exercise & Sport Science or Health Science Degree?

When it comes to studying and understanding wellness and the human body, there’s a lot to learn!

Students that focus in Exercise & Sport Science or Health Science can also have an advantage when it comes to pursuing Physician Assistant Studies or Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) at JWU. Earning either of these degrees only increases your career possibilities!

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