How to Live with A New College Roommate

If you’re going to a college where you don’t know anyone, the first thing you’re probably thinking of is how to make friends. Having a roommate is like your “assigned friend” until you start making a friend group of your own. But also, having a roommate can be tough at times because we were all raised differently and you and your roommate may clash … all while sharing a small living space.

Last year, I was a first-year student at JWU. My roommate is now my best friend. We went through a lot of experiences together, and I really love having her in my life.

Whether you end up hitting it off or you don’t, here are a few ways to make sure that you and your roommate can both live comfortably for the school year.

Try to get to know each other.

Getting to know your roommate can help you learn why they are the way they are. To get to know each other, you can connect on social media before meeting, go to dinner when you arrive on campus and maybe even go shopping together or another activity you both enjoy. You can see if you could really be good friends or maybe just an acquaintance, which is OK. You could find out that you and your roommate have a lot of similarities in how you live. If you realize that there’s no similarities, you can at least make a plan so you and your roommate won’t bump heads.

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Set boundaries.

This is a very important not only for roommates but with every relationship or friendship that you make. With your new roommate, if there are things that could make you uncomfortable, you should discuss that with your roommate and vice versa. You both should want to come back to your room and be at peace.

If there’s ever a problem, just remember to be respectful and direct. No one is going to respect you if you disrespect them and being direct is best so they’ll know exactly how you are feeling.

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Take time for yourself.

Ask about your roommate’s schedule and see what times they will usually be out. That way, you can have a little time for yourself, where you can wind down and be able to just think or have private conversations that you may need to have.

To have a smooth experience with your roommate, it’s all about respect and helping each other feel comfortable living with one another. When you live with someone, you both have to make sacrifices and speak up if something is bothering you. It can be uncomfortable at first but will help you both in the future!

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