My Journey to JWU: Sasha Joseph '24

JWU Providence's Baking & Pastry Arts (B.S.) program prepares students for success in the baking & pastry industry by giving Wildcats experience both in and outside our advanced labs. Sasha Joseph '24 is a transfer student from Illinois who recently entered our culinary program in Providence, ready to learn the skills she needs to excel in her career. She shared her story with us.

Student Sasha Joseph standing in front of a lake.

Why did you choose to transfer to JWU?

When I was attending my first college, earning my associate degree in Pastry Arts, I always wanted to take a step further into my education by getting a bachelor's degree. I couldn't find a college or food institute that provided a bachelor's agree in this field with a good educational food program. I was at a loss, so I reached out to one of my chefs and informed her how I wanted to continue my education. In return, she mentioned that Johnson & Wales University had a bachelor's in Baking & Pastry Arts, as well as excellent structured programs that many of her past students transferred to with positive feedback.

What made you choose the Providence campus over Charlotte?

While I did my research on Johnson & Wales and decided that this was the school, I picked Providence because this campus had a bachelor's in Baking & Pastry Arts, as well as more minors and academic courses. Plus, I received more positive feedback about JWU from a former student who I was able to work alongside.

What has been your favorite experience at JWU so far?

Having been here since the beginning of August, and with moving into my apartment and learning how this area works on my own, I’ve come to really like how the staff here are very informative, respectful and willing to help when I needed it. From applying to work-study to getting things situated, I've never had this level of support at my first college. There, when I felt lost, I needed to get in contact with five people just to get an answer. But now at JWU I'm able to get information in a timely manner.

Another experience that I’ve come to enjoy is the Harborside Fitness Center. Being athletic and a weightlifter, I’ve really appreciated and enjoyed spending time decompressing and working out here.

What was your admissions experience like as a transfer student?

Before the time came for my 15-hour drive to JWU, my admissions experiences were extremely helpful. I was more than proud of how much they’ve helped me out, responded to my countless emails to get things set up in a timely manner, and just been there for assisting me in this new transition. That was another thing my first college had lacked in providing.

What made you want to major in Baking & Pastry?

The reason that I decided to obtain a bachelor’s in Baking & Pastry Arts and a minor in Nutrition is because of my mother. While I was growing up, she was my influencer. She would create outstanding healthy meals and baked goods that clearly showed her passion for the art of food — even though I hardly ever saw her, as she was suffering from a severe illness and in hospitals most of my younger years. Now that she’s in a happier place, this gave me the passion to follow in her footsteps and continue this dream of hers, showing my art and passion for food.

I later decided that I wanted to learn something besides baking, as I’ve also been interested in healthy lifestyles and the medical fields. Along with being a whole-foods vegan who’s extremely active, I wanted to learn more about nutrition in this area because I want others to live healthy, thriving lives as well. This led to me wanting to learn more about nutrition in baking.

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