Are You Thinking About Switching Your Major?

Have you ever thought about switching your major but had mixed feelings about it?

Maybe your uncertainty started back on day one.

Maybe as you took more courses you were not feeling that career path.

Or maybe you’ve already switched and you did not want to have to change again.

I started at Johnson & Wales as a Marketing & Advertising major, but I recently switched my major to Psychology. Here’s my experience of the process. If you’re considering a similar change, maybe it will help you decide if you should stay in your major or change your degree.

Step 1: Consider why you want to switch.

I first asked myself if I do change, what would may be goals after I get my degree? In high school, I knew I wanted to be a therapist, I just didn’t know what type of therapist I wanted to be. So, I chose Marketing & Advertising because it was somewhat of an interest of mine because of social media. After studying in that major freshman year (at JWU you get to take major classes right away), I realized I wasn’t as interested as I thought. I didn’t have goals of what I wanted to do after college with that degree. Deep down, I still wanted to become a therapist to help people. Once I switched to Psychology, I knew I wanted to get my master’s and then start my own private practice.

Step 2: Talk to your advisor and family.

My only doubt was having to start over, because I am a sophomore this year. I talked to my advisor who helped me break down the rest of school I have left which was very helpful. I was surprised to learn that I would still be track for graduation! As for financial impacts, my advisor and I looked at the costs and I have been applying for scholarships and working at JWU.

I also talked about this big decision with my older sister who has graduated from law school, and she helped me a lot by making me proud of making my decision.

Step 3: Weigh your options.

I used to be very scared and disliked change. I didn’t like the idea of starting over or having to start or finish later than my friends. I realized that there’s no time limit for success and everyone’s journey is different. It doesn’t mean you’re late or you’re not as smart or not going to succeed like others.

Step 4: Make the Change.

I have been talking about switching my major for months then at the last minute before my first day of sophomore year, I took the plunge. Now I am loving my new major! I am more interested in it and am already doing my own research outside of class, trying to gain more knowledge.


I am grateful for JWU and my great advisor. She has been here for me when I sometimes didn’t know what direction to take. I encourage everyone to follow your own path and continue to grow into what you want to become. Who knows? Changing your major could really be an amazing change for you, as it was for me.

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