Academic Program Review Process

As guided by PURPOSE 2024, Johnson & Wales University is committed to strengthen itself through continuous improvement of academic programs and accountability for student learning. At the heart of the university’s vision is the goal of providing “ambitious, purposeful students with the foundation to flourish personally and professionally.” 

This critical objective is accomplished, in part, through the university’s Academic Program Review process. The purpose of the Academic Program Review is to assure program quality and identify opportunities for improvement in a time of increased emphasis on accountability and assessment. The process is faculty driven and provides collegial time to reflect on an existing program so as to refine and enhance program offerings to meet the evolving needs of students and the expectations of their employers.

Self-Evaluation Report
Program leadership and faculty spend four to six months preparing a comprehensive written self-evaluation report assessing the program against established criteria. The report is submitted to the Provost’s Office.

On-Site Evaluation by External Review Team

  • Potential team members are identified by program leadership and faculty.
  • On-site evaluation visit dates are established by program leadership and the Provost’s Office.
  • Provost’s Office invites external team members and chair to participate in the evaluation visit.
  • Provost’s Office sends self-evaluation report and appendices to team members prior to visit.
  • On-site evaluation is conducted at one or more campuses, depending upon program under review (three to five days).

External Review Team Report

  • External team chair coordinates completion and submission of External Review Team report to Provost’s Office.
  • Provost’s Office sends the report to program leadership.

Program Action Plan
Based upon the self-evaluation report and the external report, program leadership and faculty develop a formal written five-year Program Action Plan that determines measurable objectives to address issues raised during the program review. 

The Program Action Plan is then submitted to the Provost’s Office for review and approval and used to guide program improvement during the ensuing five-year period. 

For more information, contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at 401-598-2028.