Institutional Research

Institutional Research engages university stakeholders with quality and timely information, analysis, and education relative to institutional data for the purpose of advancing a culture of inquiry and continuous improvement. As advocates for a collaborative and reflective process of organizational learning Institutional Research actively supports university- wide planning, decision-making, accreditation, and assessment activities, while also coordinating submission of required reports to external agencies and organizations concerning students and employees.

Foundational Principles

  • Produce accurate, concise, and timely information to support effective institutional planning and decision-making
  • Facilitate the University’s participation in national benchmark surveys involving students, faculty, and staff
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of university stakeholders in retrieving and utilizing institutional information for decision making
  • Provide technical direction and expertise in matters pertaining to instrument selection, research design, cohort selection, and specification of standards in the development of outcome metrics particularly in the area of student learning outcomes assessment
  • Develop and sustain professional relationships with university stakeholders
  • Proactively promote a culture of inquiry and continuous improvement as a guiding principle of the university’s strategic plan

Department Outcomes

  • Methodological and Data support of academic and student services program reviews
  • Development of metrics to inform university discussions about student success (engagement, retention, and completion)
  • Coordination of system-wide surveys
  • Analytical support on topics including enrollment management, student learning outcome assessment, resource allocation, and program assessment
  • Coordination of reports and surveys requested from government agencies and commercial interests, including the U.S. Department of Education IPEDS reports, State Systems for Higher Education, and college guidebook surveys


George J. Rezendes, director, 401-598-2029
Eileen Richardson, institutional research analyst, 401-598-2898
Veronika Ancukiewicz, institutional research analyst, 401-598-5208

Research Policies/Procedures

Research Policy Statement (10K PDF)
Dissertation Research Policy (20K PDF)
Research Group Meetings Schedule (9K PDF)

Data Request Policies/Procedures

Data Request Policy (18K PDF)
Data Request Process (17K PDF)

Research Project Request Forms

JWU Parties/Projects

This online form must be completed by internal JWU parties that wish to target JWU population(s) in research projects for university purposes.

External Parties/Projects

This online form must be completed by parties outside of JWU that wish to target JWU population(s) in research projects, or by internal JWU parties that wish to target JWU population(s) for non-university related purposes.