7 Things Parents Want to Know About JWU

Sending your student off to college is a major milestone — for both you and them. It may mark the official end to their childhood or their first time living away from home. This experience can raise a lot of questions for families. Where will my student live? What will they eat? How will they adjust to this change? Will they be safe?

At JWU we make sure parents and guardians stay in the loop and have all the information they need to feel confident sending their student to school. We’re here to answer the big questions and alleviate any concerns you may have, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about before your student comes to JWU is how you’re going to fit all their stuff in the car. (You’re on your own there, sorry!)

Here are seven important things parents and guardians want to know about JWU.

1. How will my student adjust to college life?

Going to college is exciting! But like any big change, it can require some time and support to adjust to a new environment. To aid your student’s transition to college, JWU has a required First-Year Seminar course for incoming students. In this course, your student will learn how to participate and engage in the classroom and around campus. They will also be encouraged to identify and develop their natural skills and talents to set themselves up for success in college and beyond. Other topics covered include personal health and wellness practices, support resources available on campus and more. And speaking of support services…

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2. What support services are available at JWU?

JWU offers a full suite of services at both the Charlotte and Providence Campuses to help your student with their academics, financial planning, mental and physical health, cultural and spiritual exploration, and accessibility needs.

For academic support, students can take advantage of free tutoring, writing support and study skills workshops at the Academic Success Center on campus. They can also visit the Student Academic Services (SAS) office to meet with their personal academic advisor for assistance with course planning and registration, academic counseling and more. In addition to their personal academic advisor, your student will also have a personal financial planner in the Student Financial Services (SFS) office to help with any issues or questions about paying for college.

For physical health and wellness, your student can visit Health Services to receive basic health care or get referrals to specialists if needed. To support mental health, Counseling Services are available if your student needs individual counseling, a mental health screening or crisis intervention.

Another place where students can go for support is the The Bridge Center for Diversity, Equity and Social Justice. The Bridge is a welcoming space dedicated to advancing a campus culture of inclusion, safety and discovery around topics of gender and gender identity, racial justice, spirituality, sexual orientation, cultural differences and more.

And if your student requires any accommodations in the classroom, their residence hall or for transportation around campus, the Providence or Charlotte Accessibility Services team will work closely with you and your student to ensure appropriate accommodations are in place.

3. Will my student be safe on campus?

Student safety is a major priority at JWU. Both of our campuses are protected 24/7, 365 days a year by our Campus Safety & Security (CSS) teams. Officers are always patrolling campus by foot, bike, car or virtually by monitoring cameras in public spaces around campus. Blue Light emergency phones are also strategically placed around campus for students to quickly contact CSS in an emergency. 

All JWU buildings require a JWU ID card to gain access, so only JWU community members enter buildings. Students are kept up to date about any emergencies, inclement weather or other incidents happening on or around campus through our multimodal messaging system, which shares information via text, email or phone call. 

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4. Where will they live, and can they bring a car with them to campus?

Where your student lives depends on which JWU campus they will be attending! At the Charlotte Campus, first-year students live in Cedar Hall North or Cedar Hall South. Both halls offer two-bedroom suites with a shared in-suite bathroom for two or four people. The Maple, our newest residence hall, is opening to upperclassmen this fall.

The Providence Campus offers many residence hall options ranging from rooms to apartments or suites. These can be double-, triple-, or quad-occupancy and may have a private bathroom or share a common bathroom. 

Every JWU residence hall offers recreational lounge spaces, on-site laundry options and residential staff to support your student. Gender-inclusive and pet-friendly living options are also available at both JWU Charlotte and JWU Providence.

It is important to note that the Charlotte Campus has a two-year residency requirement and the Providence Campus has a three-year residency requirement. We require students to live on campus for these spans because studies have shown that students who live on campus are more likely to succeed academically, socially and developmentally. On-campus living offers your student convenience, a quality living space and added security compared to off-campus living (and it will likely offer you a little more peace of mind, too!). Students feel more connected to the community because they are immersed in what’s happening on campus.

Both campuses offer on-campus parking for student vehicles if you purchase a parking permit. Overnight parking is available in select lots. For more information about parking, JWU transportation and public transportation options at each campus, visit transportation.jwu.edu.

5. What dining options are available on campus?

On-campus dining options are conveniently located in or near residence halls, so your student will never be far from a nutritious meal. Meal plans vary for each campus, but you and your student can review and purchase plans within the housing portal when you select housing.

Every JWU dining hall offers a variety of options to accommodate dietary restrictions and promote healthy eating habits. You can always check out what’s on the menu and explore all on-campus venues!

Explore Dining at JWU Charlotte  Explore Dining at JWU Providence 

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6. Will my student make friends easily?

Even the most introverted students have found that it can be very easy to make friends at JWU, and it starts with getting involved. Both campuses offer a variety of athletic teams and student-run clubs and organizations. Plus, Welcome Week traditions like Ignite the Night are the perfect place to meet new people right at the beginning of the academic year. If your student joins clubs and organizations, attends events around campus or simply connects with peers in the classroom, they will have no trouble finding great friends throughout their college journey.

7. How will JWU prepare my student for their career?

Getting students career-ready is the cornerstone of a JWU education. This starts on day one with hands-on experiences in the classroom, meaningful real-world projects and internships built into the curriculum. Depending on your student’s major, they may also take part in site visits to learn more about specific companies, attend industry panel discussions, study abroad around the world, plan and execute events, work with clients in a Directed Experiential Education course, and so much more.

Plus, our dedicated Experiential Education & Career Services (EE&CS) office is always working to connect students with incredible academic, internship and job opportunities to build their résumé and learn in a professional environment. Career fairs, résumé workshops, mock interview sessions and other resources are available to every student.

The numbers don’t lie — JWU students continue to achieve career outcomes that are higher than the national average. With a JWU education, your student will graduate with the skills and experience needed to land a great job and launch a career. Then you can brag to all your friends about their success! It’s a win for everyone.

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