Exploring the Different Types of Business Degree Specializations

April 2024 Update: This story has been updated to reflect our revised Marketing & Advertising B.S., which is offered in Providence and Charlotte.

Earning a business degree can give you the opportunity to enter into a number of career fields, ranging from healthcare to hospitality. There are business studies, business administration and other general business degrees — but did you know you can choose other concentrations related to business? Business degrees with specializations allow you to hone in on areas that interest you, such as marketing, accounting, management, entrepreneurship and more. If you’re just starting to learn about business degrees or you’re looking to narrow down your concentration, keep reading to find out about the different types of business degrees.


If you’re interested in starting your own business, a degree in entrepreneurship is a great stepping stone to getting there. From learning about laws that business owners need to abide by to discovering how to develop a business plan, an entrepreneurship degree can help you gain a better understanding of how to start a business and have it operate smoothly. Depending on the program, you may also find out how to market your products and services to various target audiences so you can grow and expand your business.

students learning at JWU's cannabis grow lab

Students in the Cannabis Entrepreneurship program utilize the state-of-the-art Grow Lab.

At JWU, Entrepreneurship (B.S.B.A.) is offered at our Charlotte and Providence campuses. This program mixes custom entrepreneurship courses with industry-relevant management and marketing courses. JWU also offers internship opportunities to help you feel confident as you enter the career field.

Entrepreneurship (B.S.B.A.) - Providence Entrepreneurship (B.S.B.A.) - Charlotte

Human Resource Management

A business degree with a focus on human resource management can help you explore both the financial side of business as well as human resource planning like recruiting and hiring. Curriculums could include company compensation and benefits programs, how to effectively communicate with employees and provide feedback, and how to assess and manage risks.

Offered at our Providence Campus, JWU’s Human Resource Management (B.S.B.A.) provides plenty of opportunities to network with HR professionals and hiring managers and receive mentorships from professionals in Rhode Island’s state SHRM chapter. Courses include Organizational Behavior, Labor Relations, Enterprise Risk Management and more.

Human Resource Management (B.S.B.A.)

Operations and Supply Chain Management

An operations and supply chain management program can teach you how to think and plan strategically to create an efficient flow of goods for businesses. Courses often put students in real-world scenarios so they can better understand cost-controls, manage materials and finances, and optimize efficiency. By analyzing what drives supply chains and how they operate, students can collaborate on which methods will help better streamline the process.

Operations and Supply Chain Management (B.S.B.A.) is offered at JWU’s Providence Campus. You’ll learn about operations and continuity, logistics and process improvement from faculty with industry experience. Courses include Procurement, Logistics, Organizational Dynamics and more.

Operations and Supply Chain Management (B.S.B.A.)

Marketing & Advertising

A business degree with a focus in marketing helps you tap into both your creative and analytical side. While business courses can range from finance and accounting to business management and global strategies, marketing courses are typically designed to teach students how to engage with their audience, understand consumer behavior, and develop and manage brands.

students in JWU's retail lab

Student learn how to conduct market analysis, trend research, buying, and visual merchandising in JWU’s Fashion Merchandising & Retailing program. 

Offered in Charlotte and Providence, JWU’s Marketing & Advertising (B.S.) degree allows you to choose from a focus in digital marketing and research or creative advertising. In this program you’ll learn about social media marketing, financial accounting, consumer behavior, global strategic marketing and more.

Marketing & Advertising - Providence Marketing & Advertising - Charlotte

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting degrees can teach you to evaluate a business’ cash flows and financial statements and how to apply accounting principles best practice. You may also come out of a finance program knowing how to prepare and operate financial budgets and gain in-depth knowledge of investing and international finance such as foreign exchange rates and international banking regulations.

 members of the Wildcat Investment Fund gather in the Strategy Lab

Members of JWU’s Wildcat Investment Fund meet in the Strategy Lab. 

Explore JWU’s Accounting (B.S.) and Finance (B.S.) degrees at our Providence Campus, where you’ll work in a lab-based environment, gain real-world experience through internships and network with alumni. In our Finance program, you’ll learn about portfolio management, capital management and personal finance. Our Accounting program will teach you about federal taxes, auditing, cost accounting, business analytics and more.

Accounting (B.S.) Finance (B.S.)

Hospitality Management

Hospitality management degrees are an excellent way to learn about best practices in business management and sharpen your communication skills. You can focus on sales, event management, and other client-service roles or focus on business administration such as payroll and inventory. The hospitality field is extremely diverse, leaving you with plenty of opportunities to choose a career that aligns with your interests.

hospitality management students learning about food service management

Hospitality Management students learn about food service management at JWU Charlotte.

At JWU, Hospitality Management (B.S.) is offered at our Charlotte and Providence campuses. This program allows you to choose from various electives and specializations so you can discover your passion. You’ll also have the ability to choose from courses related to food, beverage, hotels, events, travel and entertainment.

Hospitality Management (B.S.) - Providence Hospitality Management (B.S.) - Charlotte

Why Study Business at JWU?

At JWU, we believe in learning by doing, which means students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills outside the classroom. From internships and study abroad programs to gaining hands on experience in our state-of-the-art labs, there are numerous ways for Wildcats to prepare for their chosen field. Professors have years of industry experience and faculty mentors are available to guide students on their academic journey. 

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