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Center for Media Production (Opened Fall 2019)

JWU Providence opened the Center for Media Production in October 2019

Read more about the official opening of the facility in Lights, Camera, Action! Welcome to JWU’s Center for Media Production, which included Marie Bernardo-Sousa, LP.D., ’92, President of the Providence Campus.

“Media is changing every day, and it is our responsibility to stay ahead and deliver a high quality, hands-on education,” said Bernardo-Sousa. “We now have a foundation on which to build the Media & Communication Studies program, develop the skills of our students, and position them for success in any aspect of the industry they choose to pursue.”

Delaware North SEEM Lab (Opened Fall 2019)

Delaware North SEEM Lab

On Sept. 17, the Delaware North SEEM Lab opened officially with a ribbon-cutting ceremony:

“We are proud to add the Delaware North SEEM Lab to our educational facilities and solidify our position as the leader in the Sports, Entertainment and Event Management industry. To our dedicated faculty and staff, our ambitious students and the College of Hospitality Management — we share your excitement for this remarkable venue and all the opportunities it will offer.” — Providence Campus President Marie Bernardo-Sousa LP.D., ’92

Occupational Therapy Labs (Opened June 2019)

OTD Ribbon Cutting

In June of 2019, JWU officially unveiled its new entry-level Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) — the first of its kind in Rhode Island — with a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony in the newly renovated Mathewson St. building that formerly housed the College of Engineering & Design.

“[JWU’s OTD program will] prepare the next generation of OTs for an industry that is rapidly evolving and exploring innovative ways to care for and increase the independence of individuals across the lifespan.” — Chancellor Mim Runey, LP.D.

An Occupations Lab integrates a modified home setup — including a living room, kitchen and bathroom — with high-tech training equipment, including a testing device for balance assessment, a hospital bed area for practice interactions with an artificial-intelligence patient, and a 3-D printer for the production of splints and adapted equipment.

An Action Lab is designed for active work with clients with a variety of physical needs, such as mobility impairments. It also houses a driving simulator used to assess impairments in visual, cognitive and motor abilities that may limit driving ability and performance.

Equine Center

Located a short drive from Providence in Rehoboth, Mass., you’ll find JWU’s impressive Center for Equine Studies. Watch the video below for a unique and serene look at the center from the air:

For a look at the center from the ground, visit our Virtual Tour stop at the Center for Equine Studies.

Finance Center

Finance Center

Prep for Wall Street at JWU

This lab feels like a real financial hub — so you can become well-versed in business operations and familiar with the latest financial info and technology:

  • Data wall with local news
  • Real-time stock info
  • Live electronic ticker tape
  • Real-time securities info
  • Soundproofed conference room

Criminal Justice Lab

Criminal Justice Lab

Solve with Science in Criminal Justice

Use criminal justice technology in our state-of-the-art labs. Learn:

  • Criminal procedure
  • Evidence collection
  • The scientific method
  • Forensic analysis and techniques
  • Process evidence, analyze data and conduct research using the latest techniques.

Dive into:

  • National security issues, including cyber-crimes and terrorism
  • Criminal law
  • Law enforcement procedures

Prep for career in law enforcement, including:

  • Local, state and federal police agencies
  • Court administration
  • Probation/parole officers
  • Corrections
  • Private security and loss prevention
  • Social services providers

Center for Physician Assistant Studies

Center for Physician Assistant Studies

State-of-the-Art facility in Providence’s Knowledge District

Our 18,000-sq. foot facility is designed to maximize information sharing, teamwork and collaboration between students, faculty and community colleagues, with:

  • Lecture halls with global teleconferencing capabilities
  • Active learning” classrooms that can be easily reconfigured for group work or lectures
  • Cadaver-based anatomy lab
  • Clinical practice center
  • Conference rooms, student lounges and study areas

Our building is dedicated to PA studies — meaning that you won’t have to run from one classroom building to another during that busy first year. Instead, you’ll be able to focus and learn without interruption, whether you’re

  • Studying cardiovascular systems in the anatomy lab
  • Documenting cases in the clinical practice center
  • Attending virtual grand rounds in our lecture hall

The Center has been designed to transition seamlessly from day to night — from the locker room where you can stash your valuables to the communal kitchen for between-class refueling.

Physician Assistant Anatomy Lab

Physician Assistant Anatomy Lab

Hands-on Learning in a Clinical Setting

In the Providence Campus’ cadaver-based anatomy lab, build an understanding of internal anatomy and the complexity and interdependence of body systems, as well as clinical skills associated with that body system.

How the lab is set up:

  • 12 dissection stations outfitted with e-study guides
  • Prosection area where students can closely observe detailed dissection performed by an experienced anatomist
  • Students can watch the prosection on TV monitors at each dissection station

How anatomy class is structured:

  • Students work in groups
  • 4-5 students/station
  • Team leader runs the day’s dissection
  • 2 students dissect at a time while group members quiz each other on the week’s material
  • Leaders rotate throughout the module (every student has a chance to lead)
  • Cadavers will be available for the entire year, enabling students to cycle through the major body systems

Advertising Lab

Advertising Lab

Launch Your Advertising Career

The secret to launching your advertising career? Work on real campaigns, BEFORE you graduate. Build your advertising portfolio with campaigns for real clients. Use the industry’s latest tools in JWU’s lab to:

  • Film ads
  • Record commercials using SoundBooth
  • Design campaigns with InDesign and PhotoShop
  • Brainstorm and test ideas
  • Collaborate with other students who are just as obsessed with advertising

Food Innovation Design Lab (FIDL)

Food Innovation Design Lab (FIDL) at JWU Providence

Creating Supermarket Ready Foods

JWU Providence’s Food Innovation Design Lab (FIDL) is where culinary science & product development students develop their own market-ready foods.

The Challenge

  • Create, test-market and develop a commercial food product in 11 weeks.
  • Develop and design the Product
  • Groups of 4-5 seniors brainstorm a food product concept, then:

    • Research target market
    • Compare product against comparable items for flavor, price and health claims
    • Source and price ingredients
    • Refine shelf-stable recipe

Each group’s product is taste-tested and refined — just like actual products being developed for market.

Gain a solid foundation in:

  • Commercial food product development
  • Research and market testing procedures
  • Sourcing and budgeting
  • Shelf-stability and flavor enhancement
  • Food marketing and supermarket positioning

Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence

Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence

Master your Craft in Our World-Class Labs

Ready to learn the craft, science and business of culinary arts? Use cutting-edge equipment in a range of production environments at our Providence Campus, including:

  • 30 Teaching labs and classrooms
  • 9 Hot kitchens
  • 3 Dining rooms
  • 2 Garde manger
  • 2 Bake shops
  • Artisan bread lab
  • 7 Pastry and chocolate labs
  • 2 Meat-cutting labs
  • Storeroom, shipping and receiving area
  • Oenology wine lab
  • Microbrewery
  • Mixology lab

LEED-certified Building

The CCCE also supports JWU’s commitment to social responsibility — and has been Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified.

LEED certification is a green rating system that encourages sustainable building and development practices.

John J. Bowen Center for Science & Innovation

John J. Bowen Center for Science & Innovation

Preparing Students for High-demand Tech and Health Care Jobs

Our newest academic building has been designed and constructed to help prepare Johnson & Wales students for many high demand fields, including health care, computer science, and information technology.

The 3-story, 71,000-square-foot John J. Bowen Center for Science and Innovation is the home of John Hazen White College of Engineering & Design and the College of Arts & Sciences’ biology program.

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North Miami

Edible Garden

Edible Garden

Edible Education in North Miami

Hidden behind the College of Culinary Arts at JWU’s North Miami Campus is a lush oasis filled with more than 100 species of fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.

This space is a mini-farm and a teaching garden where culinary students not only learn about exotic species like jackfruit, açai palm, sweet edible bamboo, and apple banana, but gain an understanding of organic gardening and the growing cycle, all while boosting their culinary creativity.

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Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall

An Historic Building Turned Campus Hub

After more than 30 years of being shuttered and $17 million in renovations, Centennial Hall — which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places — has been transformed into the new heart and hub of JWU’s Denver Campus.

Originally named Treat Hall, the building was built in 1886 for the Colorado Women’s College. In 2000, JWU purchased the campus in the Park Hill neighborhood, but the building remained shuttered for more than 3 decades. The structure was renamed Centennial Hall in 2014 as an homage to Colorado, the Centennial State, and to JWU’s centennial year.

The renovated Centennial Hall features:

  • classrooms
  • a café
  • faculty and administrative offices
  • student activity spaces
  • health and counseling services
  • a great hall that will be used for events

Many of the original finishes of Centennial Hall — including the original grand staircase and doors — have been preserved and/or repurposed to allow the building’s grandeur to shine and flourish.

DiPasquale Teaching Garden

DiPasquale Teaching Garden

Teaching Sustainability

The Denver Campus’ innovative new indoor vertical garden teaches the value of:

  • The farm-to-table movement
  • The link between food production and consumption
  • Sustainability and alternative food sources

The living wall of plants contains fresh herbs that can be cut and used in dishes that students are preparing that day.

The vertical garden was made possible by a generous gift from Larry and Jill DiPasquale, and their company, Epicurean Culinary Group.

Culinary Labs

Culinary Labs

Master your Craft in our World-Class Labs

Ready to learn the craft, science and business of culinary arts? Use cutting-edge equipment in a range of production environments at our Denver Campus, including:

  • 9 professional-grade hot kitchens
  • 2 pastry labs
  • 2 teaching dining rooms
  • Bakery and bread lab
  • Beverage lab
  • Food science lab
  • Meat-cutting lab
  • Microbiology lab

Culinary Nutrition R&D Lab

Food science, flavor technology and nutrition intersect in the Research and Development (R&D) lab, where students create, test-market and develop their own supermarket-ready food products.

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The Coop Teaching Garden

The Coop Teaching Garden

Farm-to-Table Gardening in Charlotte

JWU Charlotte’s urban garden designed to teach sustainable harvesting practices and connect students to farm-fresh produce.

Student-Run Garden

Affectionately called The Coop, the garden is built, maintained and run entirely by students, with particular focus on:

  • Getting students directly involved in growing food and keeping honeybees
  • Teaching organic, sustainable urban gardening techniques
  • Linking JWU students to Charlotte farmers and growers

Fashion Merchandising Lab

 Fashion Merchandising Lab

Learn the Business of Fashion

Gain exposure to fashion retail, advertising, buying and promotion in JWU Charlotte’s fashion merchandising lab.

Study trends, style looks — and examine how consumer behavior affects market trends.

Meet buyers from companies like Banana Republic, Ann Klein and Perry Ellis — and build a strategic understanding of the fashion life-cycle from start to finish.


  • Styling
  • Trends and international markets
  • Buying
  • Retail operations and B2B selling
  • Manufacturing categories
  • Marketing and advertising

Microbiology and Chemistry Laboratory

Charlotte Applied Food Science Lab

Use this lab to take Intro to General & Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Microbiology, and Principles of Food Microbiology, Food Chemistry and Fermentation Science.

The lab supports our Applied Food Science, Innovation & Technology degree program. Study the nature of foods, the principles underlying food processing, and the development and improvement of foods for the consuming public.

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