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Johnson & Wales University has a worldwide reputation as the leader in culinary education. With food at its core, the curriculum is built to examine and shape this complex human ecosystem. JWU places emphasis on innovation in this culturally significant subject, preparing students to become a new generation of visionaries in food-related industry, study, and research.

Concurrent to our academic achievements in Food, JWU is strategically invested in Areas of Excellence focused on Communications, Health, and Sustainability.

In total, these four areas are the basis of academic initiatives and student experience, allowing for in-depth exploration of topics that are shaping our world. Together, students and faculty are engaged in purposeful learning and developing interdisciplinary approaches in these dynamic fields of study.

In tandem with JWU’s topical Areas of Excellence is the importance of our approach to Discovery. Discovery allows students to take some time to acclimate to the university experience and work with a dedicated academic advisor to determine which of JWU’s majors is the best fit. Johnson & Wales’ supportive community provides students the room to discover their path to success.

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Food is an international language that touches many parts of our lives. It starts with nourishment and extends to passion and discovery. It’s fundamental to our health, well-being and livelihood. Food helps define culture. At JWU, CFIT students study these connections so that they can form global solutions.

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The influence of communication platforms and multimedia content on today’s culture is undeniable. At JWU, you’ll explore the consumption of information and how it impacts society. Our students are storytellers who can effectively message to various audiences, and more important, are ready to write their own stories.

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Through JWU’s health-focused programs, you’ll learn how to support the well-being of others and improve access to quality care. You’ll also gain a holistic understanding of mind, body and spirit through which you’ll understand that health disparities are often tied to social and economic issues inherent in the food system. What better place to study the relationship of food and health than with the global leader in culinary education?

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From urban food policies and civic engagement, to renewable energies and alternative modes of transportation, sustainability echoes through the university’s halls.

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It’s OK to be uncertain about your major at first. It’s a big decision! We’ll work with you to identify your interests and then tailor an academic- and work-experience roadmap so you can stay on track. Choose from two undeclared options Business Explorations, which explores your interests in business and hospitality; and Non-Business Explorations, which explores your interests throughout university offerings. There’s also Interdisciplinary Studies: Design Your Own Major and Liberal Studies that allow you to tailor your path.

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